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I first began this journey to healthy hair care back in 2002. At that time, my hair was relaxed but damaged due to improper care, neglect, and lack of education. I embarked on a mission to educate myself on how to properly care for my hair. As I learned more and more, I created an online hair care group so that I could give and receive advice to continue the progress that I had made with my hair. The education I have received thus far has been invaluable! This knowledge allowed me to overcome my fears and do the "big chop" towards a life of all naturalness in 2005. I haven't looked back since.

Though I have learned a great deal, I believe that no one can know everything there is to know about hair care. I have also realized this year that there is nothing like encouragement from your peers to spur you on when you feel defeated. I created this fotki album back in 2002 as a personal progress tracker. I would let people know about it only if they asked and really didn't care to share it with the world. My progress wasn't much and it was kinda like "no one cares about my hair growth but me anyway". After exploring and viewing albums of other natural (and even relaxed) heads and seeing how they influenced each other, I realized that my original thinking was far from the truth. Though most of us have never met in person, through this similar journey we share, we are more a part of each others lives than anyone probably could know or understand. We encourage one another, uplift each other's spirits, and motivate each other to keep on towards our goals of long, healthy hair. So thank you ladies; to everyones album I ever lurked on, to those of you who happily answer any questions I have, to those of you who share your hair care secrets with me, and to those of you who encourage me with your words of wisdom I say THANK YOU! And to all you natural heads who maintain fotki albums, I truly love you guys. You encourage and inspire me more than you could ever know. My hair would be nothing without you.

FYI: I went back on hiatus. I find that I am a much better lurker than I am a poster. I'm slowly getting back into the groove so bear with me.
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