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Hi, I am a very active minature builder-I dont really like to say model builder because it limits the definition. Lets say polymer Artisan!!!! Many of the items that I build require many scratch built items making the project more then just a model. I am a Ohio modeler and a member in good standing of the North Coast Automotive Modelers , John H Glenn IPMS Chapter, Lorain Chapter IPMS. AMPS, Drastic Plastic Model Club, Star Ship Modeling forum,The Club House, Large Scale Modelers, Traditional Rod and Kustom in Scale and Kustom Kemps in Scale. I am intrested in talking and making friends with others that enjoy the same passion as I do.
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Wednesday, April 22, 2009
Male gender
model cars,model trucks,model airplanes,model armor,model dioramas,model figures,scratch built,kit builder,scratch builder,airbrushing,painting, artist,batman,the dark knight,nightmare before christmas,ed roth,low riders,prostreet,street machines,street rods,models,model building,building models,resin,armor,airplanes,replicas,aircraft,fantasy,scifi,science fiction,automotive,auto,spacecraft,star wars,star trek,diorama,dioramas,military,minatures,friends,IPMS,
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And you do the same! Sorry this one was so late in coming!
6 years 6 months ago

7 years 3 months ago
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I never drink
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Any modeling, Automotive events, staying active, working in the yard, reading,bike riding
Car shows, Model Competions
A mix of everything
Action gets two thumbs up but I enjoy anime, or animation, documentry, and drama from time to time
dont watch really
Jesus,My Dad, President Ike, and the many people who sacrifice so much for the common good
I enjoy my magazines-Hot Rod, Fine Scale Modeler, Kit Builder, Scale Auto, Military Minatures In Review,Model Cars...etc.
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Rocketwheels, Pat Redmond, DWDarby Photography & Graphic Design, Tom Coolidge, Molderone, Ma's Resin, Eric Stone, Papi62596, RoySorenson, mrchevyblack, Honest Charlie, Drgon63 / LIARS & SCMA Model Car Clubs, Marc Heitkamp, El Camino Billy "The Mad Documenter", Steve G, Doctor Cranky, Ph.D. in Styrene-ology & Gunk, Rugs, DaveInTheHat, CaveManG, Rob Z, Eyepaule Scale Models, KCslammers, Retro Resin /JPalmer, bootleg, Zelkam, DakotaJohn, MIKE HENSLEY, Woodandbike, Charlie D, Old-hermits-garage, mdlrk, 59-Desoto, Brizio77, Parki, Hoosierfarmboy, RustyRelicPhoto/GaryMorinPhotography, Master7, Doctordarryl, Bills69camaro, Jims36pu, Vohelpe, Jamesmodeler1, Kilrathy10, Greg Birky, Offerman, Kikotg32010, David-Aka-Youpala, Thedoog, 1Beemer3, PAULOLDTIMECASTING, ULTRACLASSIC05, D-Battista, Car-Show-Aaron, Vintagedragfan, Kevin60brd, Goodguyinar416, Mschlem1
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