This site is created by Arjan Ouwendijk, Ed van de Berge en André de Vries from the Netherlands. At this site you can find all you need to know for your hobby of building modeltrucks. There is an archive of (almost)every truckkit made, downloadable truckkit instructions and decals, a large amount of scanned truckbrochures, original drawings from various truckmanufacturers and lots of other useable info. Just for a reminder......none of the kits, books, brochures, etc. on this site are for sale!! No need to ask about where we get our kits as well because we get them where everyone gets them.....friends, online auctions and modelshows. Just keep your eye on sites like these and you will find what you're looking for in time.....patience does the trick.

Keep on (model)Trucking,

Arjan, Ed & André