Mskraizy {02/09/14 GoTtA fEw UpDaTeZ yA'lL!!!}
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Last Perm: October 3, 2008
Transitioned for: 6.5 months
Big Chop: April 19/20, 2009
Hair Type: 4a/3c Thick Spongy/Cotton (possibly)

~(Folders are password protected; pm me if you're serious about haircare... =])~

April 19/20-2013: Spent the year gaining a whole heck of health! Nelly is at getting to her optimum health again all the way through and now she's getting longer! YAY! I'm finally getting to where I wanna be with my hair! ♥ Four years down!
April 19/20-2012: Just keep packin em up. Three years down! L♥vin the mane!
April 19/20-2011: Another Nappyversary down!! Many more to come, ladies!!! ♥
April 19/20-2010: Happy Nappyversary to Nelly!! We made it 1 FULL YEAR!!!!!

♥ My Regimen ♥ (updated 12/29/2013) (but have been abiding by for the past two years as far as products...)
Wash Day on a weekly basis.

♥Wash day consists of wetting my hair down thoroughly with my spray bottle and applying deep conditioner along with my oil mix to sort of "seal it in" and add slip to my hair. I detangle my hair and twist up each section as I go, I normally end up with an average of 10 twists in all. Then I put on my plastic cap and let it sit for at least an hour (sometimes overnight).

♥ After that, I rinse my hair in twists and began the shampoo process. My hair remains in the twists. I divide my hair down the middle while in the twists (it's always 5 on each side) and shampoo one side at a time just scrubbing the scalp mostly and squeezing the excess shampoo down the length of the twists. Then I rinse, squeeze in some conditioner and clip it up and away and repeat on the other side.

♥ When both sides are complete and sopped in conditioner, I continue with showerly rituals (if in the shower) and afterwards completely rinse the conditioner out of my hair and moisturize each twist thoroughly with a leave in conditioner followed by an oil that is also massaged into my scalp while hair is wet or let airdry and then style. It sounds like a lot, but this is like second nature to me. =]

♥ Style hair in braidouts (mainly) or any other style to keep hair stretched out.

Current favorite styles are

♥ braidouts (all sizes), mini twists, regular twists and twistouts, yarn braids, French braids, and marley twists.
♥ Other styles I will wear include buns (high and lows), random RTP's (roll, tuck, and pins), frohawks, and other random styles...
*bolded items are the styles I wear frequently*
♥ Constantly keep ends of hair sealed in extra moisture (whether it be shea butter, an oil (mainly castor oil) or an extra dab of the product I'm currently using to style my hair).
♥ Protein treatments whenever necessary (usually an egg protein treatment that usually happens once every 1-2 months)
♥ Trim hair whenever necessary

Staple Products Are As Follows:

♥ Olive Root Stimulator Professionals Replenishing Deep Conditioner (big bottle)
♥ Garnier Fructis Sleek and Shine Leave In Conditioner
Whipped Shea Butter Mix (unrefined shea butter, avocado oil, castor oil, and peppermint oil)
♥ Oil Mix (avocado and castor oil, fifty-fifty amount)
Suave Naturals Conditioner (all of'em!!)
Olive Oil Ecostyler gel
Suave Professionals Almond and Shea Butter Shampoo
♥ Avocado Butter
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