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I have created this fotki primarily for myself in order to track my weight loss and hair growth. Feel free to contact me for advice, support, or any questions: i will try to help to the best of my ability.

The last time i had a weave or any type of extension was November 19, 2008. I decided to do my final BC on Nov 25, 2008 although my first BC was June 2, 2007. Since then I have been learning to love my natural hair and let it do it's own thing. I have been on almost every bandwagon you can imagine, but my hair has flourished the most when i keep it simple.

My current regimen (June 28, 2010):

co-wash with herbal essence hello hydration (moisture) or Aphogee 2 min reconstructor (light protein), which are both mixed with a little olive oil whenever i feel my hair needs some nourishment. *This is usually every 3 to 9 days depending on the weather.*

(I am currently trying bentonite clay powder as a clarifying "shampoo" for days when i have a lot of build up in my hair...I will see if this becomes a regular thing for me)

I never cover my hair in the shower so my hair tends to get a lil wet every day.

I typically spritz my hair with an aloe vera juice/pure water mixture (40:60) on a daily basis to keep my hair soft and manageable.
*I have six drops each of rosemary essential oil & tea tree oil as well as a pinch of cayanne pepper in this mix* (I don't know if the cayanne pepper helps, but i probably heard of it some where in my product junkie/alchemist days lol. The rosemary and tea tree is primarily to soothe my dry scalp)

Following the spritz, i usually use shea butter infused with olive and coconut oil to "grease" my scalp and hair.

As far as styling:

afro puffs and twists of varying sizes typically get me through the week or two.

As far as vitamins:

I take them daily:
1000 mg of garlic (helps reduce shedding)
5000 mcg of biotin (has thickened my hair)
multi-vitamin (for overall health)
DRINK A LOT OF WATER....made such a difference in my skin, scalp, and amount of energy i have!

There are a few things I am trying to incorporate into my routine:
1) henna/indigo treatments (probably once a month)
2) ayurvedic rinses using neem powder and amla powder (whenever i feel like it lol)

we'll see how that goes.

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