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I am going to put all new pics for a while into this album till i sort them out into the albums where they actually belong to
i hope this helps to find them easily and avoids hopping from album to album. especially for those who have slow connection or pay their internet access by the time they use up.
comments and constructive critic are always welcome.

"Lates"t doesn't necessarily refers to date taken but rather to date uploaded.

Sony RX10 Fullsize samples

First shots and try outs to get to know my new cam. I am very happy and pretty impressed with "her". After being very sad that my beloved Sony F828 became useless when the sensor gave up, after a heavy Pentax wasn't so much fun anymore with two adventurous dogs and after becoming very fast VERY frustrated and disappointed with the Sony HX100V the RX10 makes taking pictures fun again. It's a more than worthy replacement for the F828. Feel free to check out the full sized images to get an impression of the image quality but please respect my copyright.

All pictures were taken handheld, in jpg format and uploaded as shot.

Nelson Got A Sister

Photos will be shown always first in my album before they arrive here.

If you are not familiar with the Galgo breed and the large scale of Galgo abuse in spain please google the words: galgo + spain + abuse. Be prepared to see things you are not prepared to see, things that will shake you trough the core.

Lucky enough there are many people and organizations who devote their life to change the situation of this wonderful breed. Thanks to the woman who saves Galgo life by hundreds I found Nelsons wonderful new sister.

I doubt that there is a breed more affectionately than the Galgos.

Info about galgos and galgo abuse WARNING, some info shows cruelty:

Some pictures pictures in this album - those made in spain - are NOT taken by me but by Rescue people in spain.


It's Ana ... my chica's name is Ana :D

Chica (spanish for girl) - so far - is just the way I call my chica till I am sure about the name I think about to give her ... but even with her new "genuine" name she will always stay "my chica"

Coastal Potpourri

Beaches, Marinas, Ships and Boats, Suns and Sets, Wind and Water

Meet The Puppy

After living almost 3 years without a doggy I finally have a new friend. Meet my new doggy:

Born: October 22th, 2007
Adopted: April 16th, 2008
Gender: It's a boy!
Mom: Dalmatian
Dad: Husky
Occupation: Running, eating, clowning, sleeping
Description: To know him is to love him.

He is the kind of dog that brings a smile on every persons face. Full of energy and stamina, sweet and devoted doggy who is eager to please you and learn but not without personality. Incredible curious and playful. A little bit bigger than planned and a real challenge for me. I love him dearly :D

4 years later now and Nelson became what I call the (98% ;)) perfect dog. We both had a hard time in the beginning, he seemed to "have ADHD" and there were days where I was afraid that I wont be able to keep him because he was physically too strong and too hyper when outdoors. His 50+ pounds were never leash trained, he was used to move unrestricted in every direction in a big garden and as soon he came outside there was no way to get his attention and my joints and tendons became injured by his pulling and jumping around. Without having a big garden it was entirely on me to exercise him as much as he needed. Some people told me to give him away, he wouldn't be trainable or had a brain damage, but I knew he was trainable and fine and I had made a promise. Inside the house I had almost too much attention and I could easily teach him the most funny tricks in no time which indicated that he was just fine and only needed training and lots of exercise.

Within a year of hard and painful but fun and utterly rewarding work with him, he developed to an awesome team player whom I can recall from chasing a cat or a rabbit and who follows all commands and whom I can stop even in midst running towards me after calling him to me, means he is very reactive and flexible

Despite being so obeying he never lost his personality and spirit and the fact that he still tends to pull on the leash at the begin of our walks and that he (very rarely) has a momentary laps of hearing when he finds something edible at the beach makes him just more lovable .... in the end we all are just "human"


All kinds of dogs, none of them is mine.

Demolition 2006

Not just the demolition of a building but most of all part of the systematical demolition of social habitat and anthroposphere.

imagine 2005-2010

just people, like you and me ... some i know, some i don't know, some of them where spontanously so incredible nice that they made my day :D

Without Destination 2012 -

All kind of pics without a special album destination.

All pictures taken with Pentax K10 D and Sony HX100V


moon, sunsets, clouds and stuff

for sunrise view folder ''Skylight''
album ''mornings''