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Naptural/Natural Anniversary - June 2011
Last Relaxer - June 2008
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Napturally-Obssessed (Obsessed with natural/nappy hair)
I love to see women of color embrace their natural hair--be it curly, coily (kinky), or kinky curly--instead of resorting to perms and texturizers. I too was a "creamy crack" addict for eight years. Now that I have experienced the beauty, versatility and uniqueness of my texture--not a "press-n-curl" or combed out curls--I will never go back to the crack.

I am here for photo sharing and inspiration. If I didn't have support from the on-line natural hair community (Youtube, Fotki, hair blogs, etc.), I wouldn't have completed a two-year transition nor known the endless "heat-free" style options. Learning one's natural texture takes time and patience.

I have picked up on a lot of natural hair jargon, experienced with raw ingredients, and learned handling techniques along the way. I now, consider myself an expert on "my hair," as it relates to retaining length, knowing what ingredients my hair loves, and how to prevent damage. My hair thrives on my homemade concoctions.

Feel free to comment and sign my quest book. I will do my best to respond to each question. If you would like a "how to" pictorial on a particular style posted, I will take step-by-step photos the next time around. Enjoy!
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Sunday, March 13, 2011
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