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My journey to become natural was honestly based on fashion. I saw a photo of Erykah Badu with this huge fro!!! I went to the hair salon, thinking, that my fab stylist could do this for me, yet she couldn't because I had a perm.

Almost instantly I went back to the day I came home from my Catholic school in Memphis,TN at the age of 8; scared from the names that I was called by all the little blond, straight haired, blue eyed girls. I was called "down there hair", "nappy head", and the classic..."nigger". Of coarse being raised in a home were my great grandmother taught only to love other people, I guess it never crossed her mind that I would be exposed to that type of hate in a religious school. So, I didn't like being the odd one out especially because it was only two black girls in the entire Pre-K-12th grade school, even she [the other black girl] had a perm. I had to get one! Well, I got what I wanted and I'd say about two weeks later I was surprised that my glory hair that reached the mid part of my back was up to my neck. MY HAIR FELL OUT!!!!! Even though the white devil (perm) took me out, I was hooked, it was like my hair was on some type of crack!!! Well, I had enough of it and I had to get clean.

In 2005, I got micro braids, scared to shave my perm off. Summer of 2006 is when I erased all the pain of being burned every month, sores in my head, and uneven hair. It was my day freedom! I was free to get any style I wanted, free to scratch my hair (although it didn't really itch anymore), free to be me!!!!

I have been natural for 2 years now, It grew VERY fast but I cut it off again this summer because someone in my life didn't like it like it was, he liked it straight. So, needless to say I burned my hair, so I decided that I did this for me and I am going to continue to do it for me!!!! Now, I'm taking it all back and staying naturally curly for don't like, DON'T LOOK!!!!!!!!

So, thats me. Leave comments and take a look around. More pictures are coming.

Love you all natural sistahs!!!!!
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