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I've been in on a rollercoaster of emotions whenever it has come to the state of my hair. When I first India.Arie's song, "I am not my hair", I knew something about me had to change. I have been so hard on myself and my self-image, all because of my self-conceived notion of having "bad" and "difficult" hair. To avoid the pain of dealing with my damaged hair, I hid it beneath a flow of beautiful braids that I got done every few months. Even still, I know that did damage to my hair because I didn't properly care for my hair, also I had a habit of keeping them in too long... (braids are expensive and I'm a student, plus, I couldn't bring myself to detach my braids esp. when they still "looked good").
After an AWFUL press-- seriously, I just let people do whatever with my hair, I was really desperate--- I stayed with braids for almost 2 straight years. The braids were switched up every few months; eventually my new growth took over and my permed hair grew out in the midst of this time period. Recently, with the inspiration I have found in other natural young men and women on various networking sites, I have decided to let go of this insecurity of mine, to ignore my mother's comments that lack support, and to let myself free... it's time to be natural.
I have been soaking up information for months and I know there is more to find, but I still feel at lost. I got a wonderful deep treatment yesterday and a blowout--- I have a lot of hair:) All the same, when they leave you to do it on your own, you really are on your own... well, not really. Because I am hoping with the guidance and support of my fellow natural sisters, you all can help me in embarking this new phase of my life in a healthy and successful manner. I suffer with what-to-do syndrome, as well as wanna-give-up attitude, but with my strong-willed heart and ability to believe in a better tomorrow, I swear I will have happy, nappy hair in the time to come.
Good day:)
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Wednesday, May 30, 2007
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must I list them all! The Known World, Their Eyes Were Watching God, Malcolm X, Titus Adronicus, etc....
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