To see my photos click on the Photo Albums link. For 2003 through 2009 Burning Man photos go to the Burning Arts folder; there are many different albums inside. I will post my 2010 and 2011 Burning Man photos later.

Clicking on a thumbnail of a photo brings up a medium-resolution image. Click on the downward arrow icon immediately above the photo (to the right of Share and Fave buttons) to get the high-resolution image.

Feel free to download these photos for personal, non-commercial use or make links to them. You may repost them in your blog, personal home page, profile, or such as long as you include attribution. For other uses please ask me for permission first. To reach me, either leave a comment on a photo or email me under the same user name (eleven letters starting and ending with an “n”) at gmail.com.

I made the high-resolution files available, so you can print them in sizes up to about 30×45 inches. You can either print them on your own printer (works best if you have ICC color calibration), submit them to your favorite online print shop, or create your own Fotki account and have Fotki print these for you via your account.

For convenience, on some of the albums you can also use the “Shopping Cart” button to print photos without creating a separate account. I do not make any money off the prints — the prices listed are what the photo printer charges.

About me

I am a part-time photographer who likes to travel to interesting places. I've been taking photos for a few years and am still learning the craft. These are images from a few of the trips I took over the last several years as well as some local highlights from the Bay Area -- I fire-dance and posted a number of photos of my friends at practices; it's quite a pretty art. I have several thousand photos from 45 countries I visited recently and am occasionally adding them to these albums. Please check back here to see the additions.

Technical details

The earliest photos are 22-megapixel scans of 35mm negatives taken with a Nikon F4 SLR. Many of them are meant to be printed as 12×18's or larger. The “original files” you can download are what I use to make 12×18 prints except that I narrowed the color gamut to the sRGB color space and compressed them further to save space on the server.

More recent photos were taken with Nikon D70, D2x, D300, D700, and D800 digital SLRs, which produce low noise 6, 12, and 36-megapixel images. I posted these at full resolution as original files which you can download.

Links to related sites

I'm running a fire dance troupe, Natural Fire. We've done shows in various places in the bay area, including in Union Square and at the Maker Faire.