New Dawn's KONA

New Dawn's Kona -
Sire: Candlewoods Cuda Blue
Dam: Candlewoods Ms. Escalade (Callie)

Kona is from the wonderful cross of a Candlewoods Cash On The Line daughter and Cuda. Cuda was sired by Barracuda Blue.

Kona's first litter was born on January 09, 2010 from the cross to Sully's Freedom Song Gypsy B. These puppies are awesome. I am so happy to have all the bloodlines I have been using, come together finally with this breeding.

Kona is still young and growing. He is taller than all my females. His coloring is a very dark chocolate. Please follow his progress as he matures and comes into his own. I am so very happy to have him.

Koda Lee - Sachtjen family

Koda Lee - Karl and Tracy Sachtjen, and family
Dam: Erin's Edge Christie Brown
Sire: Candlewood's Legacy JR, JH


5 Puppies born April 5, 2012
3 males and 2 females

Dam: New Dawn's Hannah Brown
Sire: New Dawn's Kona

Bloodlines of Candlewoods Cash On The Line and Candlewoods Cuda Blue (Barracuda Blue)

CONGRATULATIONS to the new puppy owners!


Dam: Candlewoods Ms. Escalade (Callie)
Sire: Thunder's Dreamcatchin Chico

9 puppies 5 males & 4 females Will be ready to go around April 12, 2012 $850.00

Only one male still available as of March 4th. Hannah's litter due in April - will take deposits on those pups now.

Chico sired by Jazz's Buffalo Bill Cody MH (AFC Chugach Hills Jazz's Rascal)
Chico's dam is Dreamcatchers Premonition JH (Candlewoods Cash On The Line)
Pedigree includes FC NAFC Gusto's Last Control FC Muellers Stormy Canada, FC AFC Jazztime - on the sire's side
Callie is sired by Candlewoods Cash On The Line (River Oaks Way-Da-Go Rocky)and out of a Whitie IV daughter 920-728-5227

Gypsy & Kona November 02, 2011 fall litter

Gypsy & Kona litter was born November 02, 2011. There are 3 males and 1 female.
Look for Callie's early spring litter - should be due in February & ready to leave in April, 2012.
Video taken November 14, 2011 - stored at Youtube


New Dawn's Hannah Brown

New Dawn's Hannah Brown
Sire: Candlewood's Cuda Blue
Dam: Shamrock Acre's Tara Brown

Shamrock Acres Tara Brown

"Tara Bear" 13 years old, passed away on April 4, 2011. Tara was diagnosed with cancer the end of January. The problem started out looking like an eye problem with the 3rd eyelid showing. After several medications and steroids weren't helping, the Vet suggested I go to a canine eye doctor. Instead, I decided to have Tara sedated and have some samples taken and sent to a pathologist. The area had already started to swell. The tests came back positive for cancer cells. Since there is very little area for the cancer to spread in the face like that, we opted to make her comfortable as long as she was eating and enyoying her time outdoors in the sun.

Tara's time with us after the cancer was evident was very short.

Tara will be missed not only by me, but by her 5 loyal Lab companions that she lived with. God speed, Tara

Tara is buried right next to her 1/2 sister, Christie.

Hannah/Kona Chocolate Lab pup litter born August 27, 2010

Dam: New Dawn's Hannah Brown Sire: New Dawn's Kona 7 chocolate males available in about 8 weeks

Abbey & Kona litter 11/10/2010

New Dawn's Abbey Brown & New Dawn's Kona Litter born November 10.2010. Candlewoods Cash On The Line and Candlewoods Cuda Blue bloodlines. This is a proven cross that I have used for over 10 years

Puppies available end on December. Deposits now being accepted. Call 920-728-5227

Abbey - Dennis & Val McClellan

New Dawn's Abbey Brown (Ms. Neon) Retained by Denny & Val
Christie/Cuda female

New Dawn's Abbey Brown

Pictures of New Dawn's Abbey Brown - born 09-05-2003
Sire: Candlewood's Cuda Blue
Dam: Erin's Edge Christie Brown

Jedi - Phil & Sandy Higgins

Tara/Cuda male. Born March 3, 2003. Jedi
New Dawn's Jig It Up Jedi

Candlewoods Cuda Blue

Wendy and Allen Dennis lost Cuda this month, October, 2010. He was a wonderful, kind and loving boy and an awesome sire. He sired over 100 litters of puppies.

New Dawn Labs will personally miss Cuda on a huge scale. He sired close to 95% of our puppy litters. I have daughters and a son of his. Thank goodness that I have his son, New Dawn's Kona. Cuda sired wonderful, talented, family dogs. Many are used for hunting and several are therapy dogs. Cuda passed on his awesome temperament to his pups.

Cuda will be greatly missed. I feel like one of my own dogs has passed away. God speed, Cuda

Hannah & Kona litter born August 27, 2010

New Dawn's Hannah Brown & New Dawn's Kona CHOCOLATE litter born August 27, 2010

7 males

Please call for details at 920-728-5227
Dew claws removed, wormed 3 times, vaccinated for the first time before pups leave my home. Raised in home as always.

Chocolate Lab Puppies Gypsy & Kona 01-09-10

Pups still available. Guaranteed, AKC, Vaccinated, wormed, dew claws removed. Well loved and cared for. Please call again if you have tried before to reach me - 920-728-5227


Pictures of Sully's Freedom Song Gypsy B - 03-21-2002
Sire: CH Frye Mountain's Sully