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All the albums here have been transferred to my other account

As of June '08 I will be posting updates in a second account (I'm out of space here). Here is the link

Just wanted to say thank you to all you beautiful ladies who were so incredibly supportive of a stranger. Transitioning is especially hard when family and friends make you feel like you're making a GIANT mistake. Your kind words were invaluable to me during my transition and your words of encouragement will continue to give me a boost of confidence when I need it.

I went to the dentist yesterday. The (white) lady taking x-rays of my teeth told me I had gorgeous hair. I told her thanks. She then asked me if I had a perm (you know, the curly kind). I had to try hard not to laugh! I told her no and that this is my natural hair. She looked stunned for a minute. Then she said, "Oh, you're so lucky that your hair has such beautiful curls!" ROFLMBO! Needless to say I was flabbergasted! I never dreamed that anyone would have THAT reaction.

04/25/08 Hair Stats
Last Relaxer - 11/02/07
Big Chop - 04/23/08
Transition Period - ~6 months

I didn't make it to 7 months like I decided. I BIG CHOPPED yesterday 04/23/08 just a week shy of 6 months. I washed and conditioned my hair, applied infusium 23 leave-in and shea butter. It took me 2 hours to twist my hair. I did a twistout today which I absolutely love. I was scared that my face would look too round with short hair but it doesn't look that bad.

So I washed my hair, conditioned it and got the wonderful idea to cut a part of my hair to see what it looks like (I guess I'm more jealous than I thought :-)). Now more than ever I CAN'T WAIT to BC! I just have to wait a few more weeks.

My sister BCed today!! I am so excited for her but absolutely jealous. Check out her albums!

I am itching to cut my hair off today! But I'm going to wait because it's not time yet.

BC date: June _, 2008. I figured my BC should be in my birthday month. I know this is three months away but I'm getting anxious.
I forgot to mention this before: So far I have cut 3-4 inches off the back and about 2-3 inches everywhere else. I wanted my braidout to look even :) Besides, why should I care so much about the relaxed ends when in 3 months they will be gone?

Please feel free to look at my pictures and comment (criticism as long as it's constructive is welcomed). To be honest I need all the help I can get.
P.S. Happy New Year Everybody. I hope that all your hair dreams come true!

I had natural hair until I was 17. I pressed my hair and fell in love with it. I loved having straight hair and decided that relaxing my hair would be a lot easier than using a flat iron all the time. I am now 22 and I just came to the decision that I want my natural hair back. Transitioning is going to be especially hard for me because I'm used to relaxing my hair every four weeks without fail (so I'm not used to dealing with two different textures). I don't plan to do a BC anytime soon since I've never had short hair and I can't imagine myself being happy with it.
It's been 4 weeks since my last relaxer (11/02/07) so naturally I'm more than a bit antsy but I am going to do my best to hang on. Right now I have a simple goal - I want to make it to 6 months without a relaxer. I hear it gets easier after that.
I hope to put up some pictures soon (natural, pressed and relaxed).
Wish me luck.
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