Phoenix Zoo

Our trip to Phoenix Zoo. 100F (+40)!!! And the battery died in 30 minutes, but still ...

At David's

Parties at David's house (Jeff's Classmate)

House in Wadesboro

That's where Mama & Nanny live and where Jeff grew up.

Palm Beach. To and From

Going to a "famous" Palm Beach, where supposedly the "Bounty" comercial was made. Maybe wa came at a wrong time, but it felt we came to a wrong place :)


Random pictures from a little town Platanias, 5 minutes walk from the hotel. Lovely place! Wonderful Restaurants!!! :)

Samaria Gorge 1

Our first trip to Samaria Gorge. It was too late so we couldn't go far. We just went down the steps and came back up.

Falasarna 2

Second trip to the "Pink Beach".


Pictures from several trips to Hanya (Used to be a capital of Crete, not the capital is Iraklion). One of the best and cosyest places in Crete! We made great friends there!!!

Samaria Gorge 2

Our second rtip to Samaria Gorge. Alltogether it's 16 km long, but we walked only to Samaria and Back (15 km alltogether). 7,5 km down and 7,5 km up!!!!!!! We should have just walked all 16 down... :)

Lost in the mountains

Went on a 2 hour trip to the mountains which ended up being a 6 hour trip...

Kissamos, Falasarna 1

Our first trip to Falasarna. We were told Diana and Charles spent their honeymoon there...