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You'll find pictures here of family and friends. We hope you enjoy! All my pictures are copyrighted. Please honor this request. People who I have marked as 'Friends,' when the log in to Fotki, will be able to see the large original version of all images. Anyone can order prints from my albums. I hope you enjoy! Please be aware that most 'processed' images have been processed for viewing online or as a screensaver -- not for printing. If you would like something for printing, I can process the image for that purpose (this is only important for larger images).

Copyright exceptions:

(1) April & Chris Eller may use any images in the waterskiing folders for personal or commercial purposes. The only requirement is they inform me of the image name/number they would like to use.

(2) Active members of the Triangle Boardsailing Club may use any image they are in for any personal use. The editors of Mindjibe may use any windsurfing image for any edition of Mindjibe. Please inform me of the image you are using. If for commercial purposes, please ask permission.

(3) All friends must inform me if you download an original image and use it for personal reasons. If you inform me, you have my permission. For any other reason, please ask permission.

(4) All Family/relatives may use any image they would like for personal reasons. Please ask permission if for commercial reasons.