Fort Desoto 2018

Now this is what we are talking about when we talk fishing with the boyz............lots of fun

Council of Achievement 2016

This is where your Rangers shine. They do trick, they do games and they do advancements WELL !!

Christmas Party 2014

Commanders gather around and enjoy this peaceful time. Merry Christmas ! Peace & Joy to you and your family.

AR Leadership Merit Camp 204

This is leadership plus ++. Rangers come together for loads of fun, learning and spiritual time together and go home blessed.

DR Leadership Merit Camp 103

Inspiration, excitement and leadership experience all rolled up into one great day.

SMC2014 Dominican Republic

OP169 was charged up in the DR, take alook at all of the activities

DR Leadership 105 Weekend Camp

Loads of Fun with all the Discovery Rangers this weekend for Leadership Camp at OP169. Awesome

Hunter Safety Course 2016

We had a great time with our Rangers young and old!

Mote Marine 2016

We had a blast at Mote Marine ! You should have been there.....

Torreya Park Backpaking Adventure 2016

What a beautiful day the LORD did make !!! Come Look at our rangers in the park!

Cross Florida Greenway Trail

Three days on the trail with your favorite commander Mark Hurst while you venture into the wilderness and across the highways.

Fishing Derby 2015

We take to the reel again! With some real fun fishing with the Ranger kids and Discovery Rangers at Tenoroc! wish you had been there.

Council of Acheivement

Hi Energy COA was a great night for awards. Awesome

Pow Wow 2015

Here we go again, Pow Wow 2015. A little rain never hurt anyone. We all had a great time and here are some photos for you to review. I am looking for more pictures of our rangers in action so please share.

Camporama 2012

Come and join us on this awesome adventure with the OP169 crew.

Pow Wow 2012

Come and Join OP169 for an Adventure in a Galaxy that is far, far .....away......

SMC 2013

Join OP169 and outposts from around the District for another great Summer Merit Camp. Every year the camp continues to grow.

Commander Leadership Weekend

OP169 held it's first Annual Commander Weekend leadership training event. There was plenty of fun to share.

GMA 2013

The pinnicle of a Royal Ranger's story is to earn his GMA. Here is a look at eleven rangers that will change the lives of many others.

Pow Wow 2014

Welcome to the Pow Wow 2014 at Ft Meade, Florida