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As you can tell from my photos, I am a big hockey and soccer fan. I am a photographer for the Richmond Kickers pro soccer team, was the team photographer for the Richmond Renegades (SPHL) pro hockey team, and I was the team photographer for the Richmond Renegades (ECHL) from 2001-03 and Richmond RiverDogs (UHL) from 2003-06 (except during my deployment to Iraq from 2004-05).

My photos have appeared in the Richmond Times-Dispatch, on the RiverDogs and Renegades web sites, Richmond Generals and MJHL websites, RiverDogs and Renegades promotional materials and giveaways, the UHL and ECHL web sites, the USL site, Just Hockey magazine (including the cover of the April 2002 issue) and JH's web site, Richmond yellow pages phone book, ECHL 2002-03 Guide and Record Book, Richmond Kickers media guides, Kickers promotional materials, Neighborhood Sports magazine,, Building Stone magazine, The Fort Lee Traveller, The Blue Ridger, the Scimitar, Stoney Creek News, The (Bermuda) Royal Gazette, The (Charlottesville) Daily Progress, UHL team programs,,, and numerous fan sites.

I returned from a year-long deployment to Iraq in Dec. 2005, so I took a forced hiatus from sports photos for over a year. I am really enjoying shooting hockey games and soccer matches again. Look for photos from Baghdad in the "Work" folder.

Sorry, I don't post my real email address due to spammers, but you can contact me through my Fotki email account or my Fotki guestbook. However, if you know my real email address, that's best.

Please note that all photographs are copyrighted by me, all rights reserved, except for the photos taken for the Army.
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Wednesday, November 28, 2001
Female gender
English, some German, and a little bit of a few others.
Army, hockey, soccer, Renegades, RiverDogs, Kickers, Baghdad, Richmond, paralegal, photos, photography
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8 years 5 months ago
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College graduate
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sports, traveling, photography, music, movies, reading
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