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Perception is deception, I am flawed to perfection
I am trying to add a little depth to my hair..... amongst other things

I am learning to trust God in this matter and be comfortable in who he made me to be.
Though I started this to get/give hair support, feel free to chat with me about other things than my guestbook and such, don't just come by and not say hello.

Anyway besides that, I am in Residency, which pretty much consumes my time, I like to laugh and joke and meet new people but unfortunately never have the time to really get to know them...its a shame but one never knows where and when a friend might pop up. I am especially looking for friends that I can share my Christian faith with.

last perm: 8/19/06
BC: 4/19/07
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Friday, April 13, 2007
Female gender
natural hair, transitioning, black woman, kinky hair, medicine, travels,
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Photo sharing, Friends, Networking
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thank you for blessing my page..
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I don't have kids yet
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Black/African descent
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Faith, my kinky, curly, magnificently complex hair...and yours too, God (oh yeah and medicine, cooking and reading and such), whatever is funny
love it
Jesus, Evelyn Chiverton
Bible, Kindred, anything by Mary Higgins Clark
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