In the summer of 1992, a group of comrades decided to have a gathering in order to celebrate their birthday. Needless to say, this party was a success and an unforgettable night The following year, they decided to repeat it again. The purpose of these parties was simply to entertain ourselves.

By 1995, our crowd was getting larger and we needed to find a larger place. Subsequently we decided to rent a hall and invitations were sent to a select group of people; only the invited were allowed to participate. Then later that same year, we had a "Halloween party". Needless to say that at each gathering the crowd was getting more enthusiastic and larger.

As our parties were getting more popular, our DJ's could no longer satisfy the need of our demanding guests. It is then we decided to have an evening with "Top Vice". The year was 1997: it was a complete success.This evening was the spark that ignited the fire. It became then a tradition.

Everyone suggested that we form a club. It was not a bad idea. However a name was needed for that club so to speak. Therefore a “committee" was formed and the name "Pikliz family" was chosen.

At each gathering , numerous pictures were taken. It was virtually impossible to email so many pictures to so many people. We then decided to put them on line. The idea of having a website came to our mind. We launched a site and it was baptized Pikliz.

At first, Pikliz was simply an agglomeration of pictures of our parties, sort of private website so to speak. Then, with the political unrest taking place in Haiti, we decided to publish some news of what was taking place in our beloved country. The number of visitors increased tremendously and very fast. What had started as a private website became so popular, that we decided to explore new horizon.We added a news and art section.

Since 2003, Pikliz keeps growing. To this day we have been working diligently and make daily efforts to please everyone all over the world. We thank each and everyone from the bottom of our heart, all those who have contributed to making Pikliz what it is today. Our mission is to INFORM, ENLIGHTEN AND ENTERTAIN EVERYONE.

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Thank you and enjoy your visit. Sincerely:

François Adrien : Florida; CEO
Emmanuel Ardouin, Florida, Haiti , Editor
Frankie Morone, New-York, New-Jersey, Narrator
Jessie Adrien, Europe,
Gerrie Brierre, Georgia

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