NuSoulSista......*100% Natural* UPDATES OF 2009/10
NuSoulSista......*100% Natural* UPDATES OF 2009/10(pixieflocy) avatar
University Student Graduating in July 09 and hope to have fabolous hair by then to show off.

I want to have beauty regime that will give me beautiful hair by the end of 2011. I have 3 years of the same boring regime or 3 years of trying to improve my hair. Because at the end of the day, 3 years will come and go, the only different thing hopefully will be my hair.

*Update* 14DEC08 I will write my regime soon, just havent worked it out yet since I started my journey today!!

*Update* 16 JAN09. Not much activity on my pages cos I am in braids at the moment so nothing to report. Had to break was getting a lot of breakage on demarcation line cos I have about 9 months NG. Trying to stretch as long as possible.

* Update* 24 Feb 09. I have realised i am not being fair bylooking at other people's fotki but not putting any information on my own.

Regimen - I wash every 5th day with Naked Shampoo (No nasty stuff), then use either Herbal Essences Hello Hydration or Silk and Shine or At one, just depends on my mood. I sometimes leave the conditioner in for 5 mins if in a hurry or 30 after a protein treatment. I do a protein treatment once a month at the moment because I am in braids. Because I am quite new to all this healthy hair care, I dont know if my hair is protein sensitive or not. I cant determine right now, maybe when I finish transitioning i will be able to tell. I use Le Kair Cholesterol, plus one egg and 1tbsp EVOO. I usually leave in for about 25 mins and follow with a moisturising conditioner. I then splash my hair with cold water to "seal the cuticle" according to something i read on BHM. I then wrap a towel around my head and let that absorb all the water, so I dont rub or twist the hair cos my hair breaks easily when wet. After about 10 minutes, because I am in braids at the moment (which are coming off in 3 days, thank God) I then spray SoftSheen Carson Optimum Care Leave-In Ultimate Strengthener Spray follow by Africa's Best Braid Spray when hair still wet. I also spray these 2 everyday once a day or twice if I am feeling generous. I will continue to do this till i finish my transition as long as I am in braids (whenever that will be).

If any of you ladies have any advice, please share cos i am still new to all this and I would really appreciate it. My decision to transition came to me when I saw an article in this book for hair in a shop. It had people from different races and talked about their hair. When it came to black people's hair, it said "it is hard, dry and difficult to maintain" and this made me upset. I realised that all our lives this is what we have been told, so I made the decision to really examine for myself if indeed our hair is difficult. Always having had a relaxer, I dont even know what my hair type is and what it looks like curly and nappy with more than 3 centimetres (would then relax it), but now I am going to look after and love the hair Lord God gave him and I wanna see who tells me different.

**Update** sorry for no activity, there will definitely be more after 5 june, i have my final year exams in 3 weeks. wish me luck!!

31 Oct 2009******Finally BCd on 7 June 2009 now a 100% natural.

*Update* 20-JAN-10**I HAVE PUT UPDATES OF JAN 2009- JAN 2010.
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