For the 1969 Indy 500 Art Pollard qualified the Converted the Lotus 56b "Offy" in 12th place after 7 laps the drive line snapped and the car finished 31st. This is a replica of that car, after 5 months of work the results are obvious, 120+ RB Motion turned Aluminum bolts, washers and nuts, over 6 feet of Stainless, Aluminum and Brass rod and tubing, numerous feet of styrene sheet and rod. No putty or filler was used in the body modifications, its all styrene. There is over 40 hose clamps alone as well as many feet of hose and wire. Months of research went into the build. With only a half a dozen pictures of the actual car many hours of engineering went into the process. Based on the MPC 1968 STP Turbine kit there are No Kit Parts left, only scratchbuilt or modified parts. Originally some 95 kit parts became over 600 parts. I want to personally Thank the members of the Open Wheel Racing Forum for their Help, Support and Devotion to my project. Thanks Guys without You I would have tossed in a box and forgot about it a long time ago, Thanks... Enjoy the Pictures!!!!!


For reference and Building Model Cars Only... Enjoy this collection of pics...