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Hey everyone!!! Ok so it's finally official! I am changing the way I treat my hair.Well...I wasn't that bad to it but then again I wasn't that good to it either.(lol) I am on a SERIOUS hair journey to see if I can grow 6 inches in a year! The day after my birthday I decided to start taking better care of my hair. Here we go!!!! : )

Here's my new regimen for fall 2008!

-Wash hair every 2 days or whenever I feel like it. I usually wash my hair about 3 times a week. I love the feel of water on my scalp...

-Deep condition with EVERY shampoo. I used to sit under my hair dryer everytime but that got to be too much. I think I am going to invest in a steam cap very soon! Currently, I am warming up my conditioner and putting 2 plastic grocery bags on my head. I let the conditioner stay on for about 2 hours.

-Moisturize 1 or 2 times a day as needed!! This is very important! I always, always, always moisturize and I concentrate the most on my ends. I use either V05 or B & B Oil Moisturizing Lotion. I seal with either coconut or castor oil.

-I only flat iron my hair in the first 2 weeks of my relaxer. After that I bun all the way to the next relaxer. Sometimes I do braidouts and other styles, but I don't use heat during that time except for special occasions.

-I ALWAYS AIR DRY!!! I don't use a blowdryer to dry my hair.

-After my washes, I put VO5 moisturizing conditioner in my hair as a leave in. I then seal with castor oil.
Clarify when needed. I like that squeaky clean feeling... : ).

-I also do an ACV rinse at least 2 or 3 times a month. I may experiment with doing this more.
Will relax every 10 weeks (maybe earlier for special occasions). I will try stretching past this in the near future.

-Will start back taking my hair and multivitamin
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