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hi my name is shaneka and i am 16 years old and im on a journey of finding my self esteem and my hair and my self...i need help and feedback from people i take criticism good so just help me i seen so many people on here who hair has grown and its not true that black woman cant grow their hair long but if you have any advice then please help me!

these are the things that i use in my hair!
i also just want to say hey thanks so much for the encouragement!
well what i do is mondays and fridays i wash my hair and deep
condition and on the otherdays i just use coconut oil or herbal oil
or mayo in my hair to lay it down and i wear protective styles
like buns and banana clips but i try not to comb alot!
and when i wear a bun i leave it in for at least 3 days then i take it out and
comb my hair cuz you have to comb to stimalte blood flow in ur head
i go to school for hair lol!! but im dumb for messing my hair up lol! i kno
i usually have a fake pony tail in or something! i try not to comb! i tie my hair up
at nite to! and im never putting a perm in my hair again
i just died it to get rid of the light brown i died it black but im going natural
no more chemicals!
i dont know what pre-poo is
or what pre-wash is so if someone wants to help me out on that
it would be awsome!
i want to know if wrapping my hair up at night will help it grow?
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