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I know I have beautiful long hair. Only my hair habits haven't allowed me to experience it. Well thats all about to change. I am getting to know my hair on a personal level so come and check me out from time to time as I travel along this journey. All comments and questions are welcomed!!

***❤️update❤️*** My hair goal for this year(2015) is to keep my routine, products and styles SIMPLE. And to leave my protective styles in longer. I will be keeping up with my journal consistently so this album will stay updated with photos and thoughts of products I'm using, style results, etc. so that I stay on track. Stay tuned!

❤️2012 update❤️
so guys,
i let go of my hair routine for a moment. i started to color my hair and ended up going all the way blonde! I did the keratin treatment. it was cool but i missed my curls. so now, i am back to where i started. after doing so much handling to my locks i eventually started getting breakage and had to cut it all off. :( yet all hope is not lost. i did it before i can do it again. the benefit this time around is i have completely let go relaxing my hair! yay! so i will be trying my old hair regimen and updating with new techniques. Lots of hair growing pics to come. thanks in advance for your encouragement. :)

❤️2007 Hair Regime❤️
My last relaxer was August 2007.:
My last trim was October 2007
My last measurement (from hair line to ends) Dec. 5th 2006-- 15in. front, 18in. back.
November 5th 2007--- 21 in back
I shampoo my hair once every week Always followed by a deep conditioning treatment. I sit under the dryer no less than 30 min. but most of the time I deep cond for 1 hour. I flat iron once per week but am trying to extend to once every two weeks. (guess I better keep experimenting with those no heat styles:))
Because of my current job I am uncomfortable with the no heat styles. And by the end of the week my hair feels oily and dry and feels like it needs to be washed. What i am trying now is shamp/cond/flat iron my hair every two weeks. Wearing it down the first week and in a bun or pony tail the second week.
Wash 3x- first wash is a cleansing or clarifying shamp, then follow up 2x with a moisturizing shampoo (Frederic Fekkai Technician Shampoo, Ojon Rejuvinating Cleanser) Sometimes before washing I will put into braids sometimes I won't.
When I do prepoo treatments, I will let the oil/moisturizer sit over night and then wear all day in a pony tail or bun. Then wash

I have tried all types of conditioners with the options of topping it off with oils, etc. I am sold on the Lekair Cholesterol Plus! I deep condition with this under a plastic cap or seran wrap topped with a heated cap for at least 30min - 1hr. Sometimes I mix with olive oil, Frederic Fekkai Technician Conditioner, Frederic Fekkai Protein Rx or others.
I've gotten into more expensive deep cond now like Ojon and Phyto. They are more money but they work wonders for my hair. I learned my hair is very dry and needs all the moisture and conditioners it can get.

Abba Nourishing Leave-In period.

I ALWAYS airdry my hair after washing! I don't use blow dryers at all. To air dry I will put my hair in two braids with the part going down the middle of my head (very pocahantas : )) Or do a roller set and once the hair is dry only straighten the root

After shampooing is when I will add my moisturizers sealed with an oil. My main moisturizers have been the Jane Carter Nourishing Cream, Ojon. I've learned that shea butter is a good moisturizer but you really have to watch how much you use. If I use too much it is over! I'll just have to wear up until next wash day or wash out then and there. But when used right it is fine.

I do this randomly. I use Frederic Fekkai Technician Conditioner and usually follow up with my Abba leave in top off with Jane Carter Cream. I comb out GENTLY and smooth back into a ponytail or bun

This is my hair routine. I am happy with it thus far...
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