TRANSITIONING!!!(UPDATED: 11/4/10)(raven92) avatar
Length: longest layer reaches APL length when stretched (11/4/10)
Short Term Goal: Past APL by February

Texture: Fine
Hair Type: Don't know yet..will find out soon though :)

Been on my journey since I was 15 (2007) and still continuing it until this day. I'm now transitioning and my last relaxer was July 9, 2010.

I go by the names xrae92x on BHM and ravenm721 on Naturally curly and Curlynikki forum. I'm also a lurker on LHCF (no account).


•Co-wash 1-3x a week
-I detangle in 4 sections in the shower, and I use my fingers first for each section while the conditioner is in my hair.Sometimes,I'll go over those sections with my detangling comb afterwards. Plait/Clip the current section out the way..then move on to the next one. This takes about 15-20 mins all together.

•Deep condition every 1-2 weeks on dry hair (do this after 3 months post).
-Doing it on dry hair allows my detangling process to be easier..

•Prepoo w/ EVOO a few times a month.
This makes my detangling process easier too. Be careful though, because doing this too often can clog your drains =S.

•Clarify twice a month w/ ACV
I do this by pouring part ACV w/ water in a spritz bottle, then parting my hair in 4 sections. Spray those 4 sections with the ACV mix.

•Protein 1 time a month
I do this on dry hair. My NG hates protein so I try my best to stay away from it.

•Airdry in braids or 2-4 banded ponytails
•Moisturize every day; seal w/ EVOO
•Massage scalp every 2 or 3 days w/ tea tree or peppermint oil

•Style w/o too much manipulation throughout the week
-Bantu Knots: Every night or every other night

-Braidout:lasts 2-5 days. My technique is for braidouts are 2 layered cornrows..I recommend this for people who have layers. Throughout the week I spritz my braid out with water and add a dab of moisturizer + coconut oil and then wear 4-6 PLAITS to bed w/ rollers on the end. This saves my braid out from turning out flat the next morning.

-Twistout: 2 layered flat twists. I'm still working on tension for this. \I re-twist every 2 or 3 nights; it depends how often I want to wear down.

-French Braids: Wear them 1-3 days. Then take them down to wear a curly ponytail or bun for 2 days or more

-Cornrows: 2-3 weeks.

-Sometimes I'll cornrow the front part or the sides only, and then do something else to the back.

-Wet bun
-Ponytail roller set
-Roller wrap


I'm just a lurker, but I have a HUGE playlist of protective styles for transitioning. Hope that it helps someone out there :).

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