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We're crazy animation freaks. We enjoy creating some twisted funky animations for our fetish sites. Come check it out! The Voreville team may have split up, but we still support one another's sites because they are top notch quality sites!

And for all those who get offended easily... just look at it this way... what if humans were NOT on top of the food chain? This is what would be happening to us. So the next time you feel the need to squish or kick an animal or insect... there ya go.

Please keep in mind. This is a FANTASY site, so please don't take the photos literally. Nothing is real. It's ALL imaginary! If you really feel compelled do do any harm to yourself or anyone else, PLEASE SEEK HELP! No one was harmed in making these images.

If you enjoy ALL our crazy art, please feel free to join our referral program and get PAID for supporting us!
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Wednesday, March 30, 2005
vore, voreville, animation, twisted, freaky, strange, bizzare, weird, fetish, erotic, exotic, sex, adult, dolcett, cannibal, fantasy, fun, silly, cool, raunchy, sexy, sexiest, hot, hottest, eaten, blobbed, swallowed, sexstacey, staceyli, hotgirls3d, irondong, johnjohnvv, rayzor, models
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