S2 Fellowship at Wimberly's

Just a few pictures of the S2 Fellowship (with fall football season starting up!!!) on Saturday evening, Sept. 10th. Enjoy! :-)

August 2004 Believers Community at Crossroads

Pictures taken at BC as well as Ruby Tuesday on Friday evening, August 13, 2004...enjoy!!

Games at Lantana

This is part of the Providence Singles' 2006 Memorial Day Weekend Retreat at Caswell. Enjoy!

SYATP Rally at C3 with Chris Graebe

Pictures from the SYATP (See Ya At The Pole) Rally at C3 with Chris Graebe (of MTV Fame) and Exodus (Music Band) on Sunday evening, September 18th. Enjoy!


I'm about speechless in regards to this. It's about time for this wonderful avenue to occur for college students and young adults within the C3 community. Praise God! :-) I'm looking forward to more of ELEVATE!

Kaye's Memory

Just a few photographs of Kaye Shaw, who departed this life on August 4, 2005. She was a dear friend.

Welcoming Chris and Jenni to C3 Student Ministry

Pictures taken on Sunday evening, January 8th, 2006 at the C3 Students Night for Chris and Jenni Graebe. Enjoy!

Surprise 41st Birthday Party for TSN Director and President...Kris!!!

Pictures of the Surprise 41st Birthday Party for Kris Swiatocho on Saturday evening, January 9, 2005...which was held at Lucky 32 in Cary, then it progressed to the Vineyard Cafe in Raleigh for coffee, cards, and music. It was a lovely evening!

More Work on "Cross Culture" Set

Just a few more "behind the sceens" pictures of the work of the "Cross Culture" set...which actually is more in place. These particular pictures were taken on Wednesday evening, March 22nd.

October 2003 First Friday at Providence

Just a few pictures taken on October 3, 2003...the Game Night at Providence. Enjoy the pictures! :-)

2004 Memorial Day Weekend Retreat at Caswell

Time once again for the Providence Singles to gather down at Fort Caswell on Oak Island for a lovely time of Christian fellowship, fun, food, etc! This being my fifth year in a row makes it still the place to be for me on Memorial Day weekend! :-) Enjoy the pictures and relive the moments!

Leeanne's and Laura's Birthday Bash!!!

Several pictures taken at Rob's House for Leeanne's and Laura's Birthday(s) on a Friday night with LOADS of people! :-) Enjoy the pictures!

2005 Non-Progressive Pre-Thanksgiving Dinner

Pictures taken on Saturday evening, November 19th, 2005 at Rob's and Vicki's home for the annual Non-Progressive "Pre-Thanksgiving" dinner. What a mouthful, literally!

Sailing at Oriental, NC

What a beautiful Saturday to enjoy being out on the water sailing!!!

2005 C3 Dream Campaign Luau # 2

Pictures taken on Friday evening (Feb. 18-2005) of the C3 Dream Campaign (Building Program) Luau, the second of four for all C3. Enjoy the pictures!

Navigate 2005

Pictures taken at the first annual Navigate conference in Durham at Bethesda Baptist Church on Friday and Saturday, April 8 and 9, 2005...

Farewell to Vara Bell at White Memorial in Raleigh...

Several pictures taken on Sunday, May 15th of Vara's farewell reception and afterwards...

The 2004 Meadow Lights

Time for the Holiday Season and one which involved going down to Meadow, NC (with friends of the Providence S4 Sunday School Class on Friday night, December 17th) in Johnston County to see the Meadow Lights, which is an elaborate display. The first time I went to see them was in the early 1990's and there were just a few houses lighting up then. This has grown over the years and the old country store opened up in 1994. Talk about change!!! Enjoy the pictures!

Brad's "3rd Annual" Crawfish Boil

A few wonderful pictures taken on Saturday, June 3rd at the lovely Broyles Estates for some delicious crawfish! Enjoy!

Knightdale's Faith Baptist Church Singles Fellowship with Kris Swiatocho

Just a few pictures of the Singles Fellowship at Faith Baptist Church in Knightdale with Kris Swiatocho speaking on Friday evening, November 18th. Enjoy the pictures! :-)

2005 RBA/TSN Singles Christmas Party

Pictures taken at the 2005 RBA/TSN Singles Christmas Party on Friday evening, December 16th. Enjoy!

2004 Have-A-Heart Hoedown at White Memorial

Just a few pictures taken on Saturday evening, February 14 at White Memorial Church for the 2004 SOS (Singles Offering Service) Hoedown. It was a FUN evening complete with a meal and dance! Enjoy the pictures! :-)

November 2004 Believers Community at Crossroads...

Just a few pictures taken on Friday, November 12, 2004...Enjoy!!!

2005 Cruise the Bible Sunset Supper

Just a few pictures taken on Tuesday evening, July 3rd of the 2005 Cruise the Bible Sunset Supper. Enjoy!