Welcome to one of RETTAMAN'S Photo Sites! Enjoy!

Feel free to sign the guestbook and order prints if you so desire. I am most appreciative of those who do order prints of my photographs (from FOTKI). :-) Please note that I do receive a small commission per each order you place. It's not enough yet to support even the annual fees I pay FOTKI for use of this site and I usually lose some "needed" sleep per photo upload (editing session) as I burn the midnight oil to work on my digital photography. I still have my day job and praise God for that!!

As for the fees...and yes, I am for hire...of my photography services, please contact me privately or sign the guestbook...and I greatly APPRECIATE referrals...as long as they're the "paying" kind! (It seems as though I haven't been getting enough of those lately.) I do LOCAL weddings, events, conventions, dinners, birthday parties, etc. all for a nominal cost to you. If you're out-of-town, then additional fees obviously will apply. Deposit required for all services....please inquire for details. ***For those of you who I do "volunteer" photography for, then this doesn't apply to you, but I still appreciate referrals!***

The camera I primarily use is the Canon Digital Rebel XT. It's an 8 MegaPixel SLR. If I could get more "paying" photo jobs, then I could possibly upgrade! (Hint!)

Oh, a few other things...please let me know if you need higher resolution copies of the images. No model release forms have been signed. Also, PLEASE, PLEASE give credit if these images are to be used elsewhere unless other arrangements have been made.

Thanks and I'll look forward to hearing from you! God bless you!

PS - I don't mind any of you using my pictures - I'm delighted that you do, but I would like to know where my hard work is being distributed. PLEASE! (Include a link or somewhere at your site back to my site. Thanks!)