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So here's a little about me : (March 2009: beginning reggie)
-Regimen: Co-Wash 1-2 x/wk, Shampoo wash 1-2/month (varies depending on the season, I co-wash more during summer instead of shampoo wash and shampoo wash more during the winter), DC every wk, moisturize and seal daily after massage.
-Products: NTM leave-in for daily moisturizing, Maruba oil for sealing, Rusk Sensories leave-in conditioner for wash days, Motions/NTM conditioner for DC's, Shampoos vary haven't found a staple product for this yet, experimenting with catnip tea rinses, ACV rinse before every wash
-Aides: experimenting with MT/OCT mix, MN/oil/distilled H2O mix, Nioxin, Kalpi Tone & Brahmi powders, not sure how I'm going to use these products or if I will at all, but I have these products and will update my regimen and product use as I go.
-Vitamins: Prenatals, Biotin, garlic, Phytophanere for skin, hair and nails (I'll finish my current bottle, but I don't plan on buying more, not seeing any real results from it after 4 months of use)
-Products I want to try: Claudie's Elixir, Tea Tree and Peppermint Oils
-Goal: Not sure yet, right now, I'm stretching my relaxers not sure for how long yet. I'm working on getting my hair stronger and filling in my edges and growing out (somewhat) my broken hairs before next relaxer.

New Reggie: June 2009 (KISS)
-Co-Wash 1x/wk with VO5
-Co-wash (with brahmi and Kalpitone)/ACV rinse/DC under hooded dryer
-M&S daily with H2O and glycerin
-Garlic pills, chlorella and biotin
-No shampoo-
-JBCO for edges and add 1 tblspn to DC (thanks: Kami:)
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Wednesday, March 18, 2009
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