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I am married to a wonderful man and have two great sons. Both of the boys are now adults. One is 36 and lives in Saskatchewan, Canada and the other lives in Ottawa, Ontario and is 30.
I am an animal lover, but only have 2 gorgeous cats now. One is a grey tabby named Benny and the other is a tuxedo cat named Buddy! We have owned many pets over the years and loved them all.
I love to read, listen to music, take photos, do photo work on the computer, play a few on-line games and most of all spend time with my family, friends and pets.
My photo taking is just for fun and relaxation and not anything professional. I do not want any connections with any type of porn or any links to such sites. That is of NO interest to me whatsoever. If you visit and leave any type of porn or vulgarity in either comments or guestbook, I will remove you from my friends list immediately!
Some of the album photos belong to other friends and family members and I have put their copyrights to their photos. I felt they were well worth adding and it may be that I needed them for certain categories. Please keep in mind that I made my albums to share with family and friends and not for any professional reason. My photos are just ordinary and quite old in some of the albums but some are really nice and you are more than welcome to browse and leave any comments you wish.

Please take note that all my photos are copywrited and cannot be used in any way without my permission!!!

I have added this quote by Leonardo DaVinci as it is now a favorite of mine. Those who know me well, will understand.

"Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward,
For there you have been and there you long to return."
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Tuesday, November 2, 2004
Female gender
English only, I am sorry to say. But both my children and husband speak/understand French
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Photo sharing, Friends
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Have a wonderful day and week and God Bless! :-)
:-)smiley Paul
3 months ago

:-) Have a very wonderful CHRISTmas Sheila and Louis this season and I wish you all the best always ...
2 years 7 months ago

Thank you dear friend :-) ...sorry I haven't been here lately but real busy at work and having fun t ...
2 years 11 months ago

thanks for the info ,do you like the new fotki they are putting together . have a good day and thanks again jean
3 years 9 months ago

Hello my friend Sheila & Louis :-)
I wish you all the best at this time and the end of this year and ...
3 years 10 months ago
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Light (social) drinker
Proud parent
Interests & Personality
Family - Friends - Harley Bike Riding - Animals - Reading - Movies - CSI shows - Computer - Photography for fun - Life
Not big into sports. I like to walk and both my boys are into sports from hockey to skydiving
Country - Old Rock - Easy Listening - Piano music
Thrillers - Animal - Fantasy - Comedies - Just about anything other than James Bond & Bloody Horror
CSI shows - Some Soaps - Survivor - ER - Ghost Whisperer - Law & Order - House - Medium - Criminal Minds
My 2 best friends that passed away with cancer, Winnie and Linda - Terry Fox - Christopher Reeves
Thrillers mostly, but anything by these authors are usually my favs - Stephen King , Dean Koontz - Ann Rule -Janet Daily - Kay Hooper - Danielle Steele
Al Perry, >>>>>> Prime Times & World Travels, Photos by Lisa, Mudhooks, ErinBenz, ♥ Myra ♥, ♣ enarcadie ♣, Davey's Photos, ooO(PETER)Ooo, Tarbet, Christel, Dale Dunphy, ~Lasting Impressions~, J. Seligman, Cok Grootscholten Succulent World .., salmorejo, Oljento ♥, Cobra-II, inagua, Ekutuka, jonrob, Pamela, trishvandenberg, LBHPhotography, Daniel, JanF, Finnbatt, tinabild, Michelle H., Bay Area Nature, Smiles4you, Kg4erf, Nannygoose, Dulcineia, Caroleb, Andyedwards, Besch105100, KellySunshine, Deb & Col, Merike, Kligon, Ambra2006, Lacos3, Jac707, Red Knight, Kay&Ben, Anmali, Paperbark, MsFocker, GuessWhoIAm, Mariesatz, Tjosborne, Lettie1957, Punky-do , Debintucson, Raikott, Damarus, kittensmakemesmile, Seetruly, Beatrix, Brhtwo, Meauntie, Noved, Sautiee
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Dmitri Don, Al Perry, Zafara, >>>>>> Prime Times & World Travels, MoparLady, Photos by Lisa, Aleksey W.Litovchenko, ♥ Myra ♥, ♣ enarcadie ♣, ooO(PETER)Ooo, Tarbet, Jen, ≈ksena≈, Drgon63 / LIARS & SCMA Model Car Clubs, Christel, Dale Dunphy, Picha, ~Lasting Impressions~, Cok Grootscholten Succulent World .., Oljento ♥, ♥ New York Wedding Photography♥ , Cobra-II, Ahmed, jonrob, Pamela, trishvandenberg, LBHPhotography, Daniel, HeijdenWorks, JanF, Rugs, Finnbatt, Volkart Photography, tinabild, Michelle H., Bay Area Nature, Ukath, Smiles4you, Luca Mazzocchi, Nahay Family Photos, Nannygoose, Dulcineia, Caroleb, Andyedwards, Besch105100, KellySunshine, *H.P.F., Deb & Col, Kligon, Lacos3, Jac707, InnerTraveler, Kay&Ben, Anmali, Oneraja, Paperbark, Glennisnz, Konrad, Jockwav, MsFocker, GuessWhoIAm, Ucanat, Vodkaholick, Mariesatz, Tjosborne, Mamma Raffa, Lettie1957, Lenka-Cizkova, Galkab, Wild River Pics, Ad22, Punky-do , Noha2002, Debintucson, Rob67442, Damarus, kittensmakemesmile, Azizdhamani, Seetruly, Beatrix, Sakumiku, Brhtwo, Meauntie, peaceforever, Noved, Vasyl Tulek, LOUISIANA, Mankovskay, RustyRelicPhoto/GaryMorinPhotography, Ozarksangel, PhotoStudioSupplies, Clubfijiresort, Davidjames01, Support-Shukoor-Ahmed, The Green Tiger, Ritu-love, Sautiee, Grammy2seven, Fortis Hospitals, Dentrix-genzidecharlsleshaw, ACACIA01, Mike-Lamb, Euniceapala, Davidluv1, Evssgreen, EK-girl, Lokeshvaishnaw, Palaro2012, Rose0425, Mensusa, Chibar-Records, Dianeaderhold, JHSPORTS, Comtesse-Sofia, Ossai12, Famedamehalla, Rahulvarma442, Netiquette, Yakub22, Storageracks, Bloomin85, Dunell229, Spikymason, PhilipGraduel, Tiredofthebullsht, Shifur-neshad, Anishlystephen, Caldwell58, Susan, Napsugarbudai, Brainsick Media, Implantcenter, Danzey, Eviemouton, Worktops, Nahid14, Mkopl555, Nimmi, Nepalgatewaytrekking, Dayleezy, Ketty222, Motorsearchcouk, Sangolika, Megancox, Love4you55, Be-blessed70, Jollynewtek, Davidperkins, Gethdwallpapers, Indiit, ...and 34 friends more
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