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So happy to have FINALLY joined Fotki, I've been stalking natural hair albums for soooooo long, and now have finally obtained my own account.

So like others, long story short, hated the fact that my hair was so thin and unhealthy after EACH and EVERY relaxer I was given......I was vacuuming up hair on my apartment floors more often than I was vacuuming dust...what a shame!

I was literally getting relaxers every 4 weeks and after 2 days of a "new touch up" if my hair was in contact with water or sweat my "doobie" was gone and my hair looked as if it never had a relaxer to begin with -- basically I was getting a message from Above that frying my scalp every 4 weeks wasn't working out so I had to stop fighting it and I did.

So happy to be natural and finally rocking my TWA --- I was apprehensive for a while -- scared of what others might think -- but I quickly got over it --- I transitioned for about 1.5 years with wigs, braids and ... Can't wait to reach more length and experiment with more styles --- oh yea... guess what? MY HAIR LOVES WATER!!!!!!!

No more running away from the rain!

My fave products so far:


jojoba oil, EVOO, castor oil, coconut oil

banana, honey, EVOO = such a great natural deep condtioner!

whipped unrefined shea butter (bought from and whipped by ME)....with jojoba oil, black jamaican castor oil and tea tree oil

Qhemet Biologics Burdock root buttercreme (worth the price of shipping and wait time)

IC Fantasia Gel

Big chop -- July 2008
Last relaxer (i think) -- April 2008
1st time rocking my TWA at work - Feb 2010
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Wednesday, February 17, 2010
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