Welcome to my photo archives. Enjoy, if find it amusing. Do not spend too much time here if you don't like it.

Some albums and folders are private/too personal, they are locked for the general public. If you really want to see them - call me, I might tell you passwords. 8^)

Since Fotki added "Edgy/questionable content" option here are my two cents:

SOME people may find SOME of my pictures questionable/edgy. Like naked (or almost naked) children, pictures of guns (I have witnessed a fiery discussion on that topic!), pictures of cats, dogs, birds (no flipping variety), cars, water and air balloons, airplanes, the Moon, the Sun, green grass, red skies, and so on. My personal opinion is - those pictures are OK, its only those SOME people are edgy/questionable. If you suspect that you can be edgy/questionable - please, do not enter here and do not open ANY of my folders and albums!