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Well to start off i'am a Nappy Chick. I love hair,or anything that has to do with hair. I have been goin Natural for 2 years now and like Mcdonalds say I'm Loving It! I decided to go natural bc I'm very impatient and i dont like anybody to play in my hair. I just got tired of goin to the the shop for anything . I been getting perms for about 3 years now b4 then i was Natural well i keep my hair braided up. I do hair and i also was doin my own so i just figured why not go back Natural having a perm has to much baggage that comes with if you know what i mean. I just recently found out about this site and also Nappturality . Now i know i have other Natural Sistahs out there to help with me along the way or chat with about our journeys. You will be seeing alot more of me i currently have my hair braided up i have one pic on here just b4 i braided my hair up so sistahs for now until next enjoy!

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Monday, July 28, 2008
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