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Well I made the decision to go natural while at work back in Feb. I just got tired of the relaxed life and wanted to learn more about my own texture. I figured if I can grow my hair out nicely relaxed, then I can do it natural. I didn't go natural for political reasons or to prove my blackness. I just love hair and felt it was time for a change. It seems to me that you just go through too much dealing with relaxed hair and trying to keep it on your head. I don't have that feeling of itas it being just hair and it will grow back. My hair is a representation of me, so it is more that just hair. I do want to prove to people that natural hair isn't a bad thing and that it can and will grow. I don't feel like I have bad hair or that my hair is not managable. People seem to think that natural hair is a lot of work. Well it can be if you want to wear it straight. That is where a person will have problems. I feel instead of trying to worry about it getting wet or reverting back, I can just enjoy life and be me. I'm not in the mirror as much anymore worrying if a hair is out of place.
I'm just taking care of it and watching it grow. Going natural is a lifestyle change though. Being natural comes with a lot of issues. People feel that you don't look together or you're unfinished if your hair is in its natural state. Some women feel that they just can't go natural because the don't have that "nice texture". (whatever that means) This is the hair that we are born with. We need to embrace it instead of running away from it. It doesn't make any sense the madness women will go through and the growth aid products they will buy to achieve something that just might not happen. Now, I'm not hatin against being relaxed because I used to do the chemicals too. But it is just sad when people can't except themselves for who they are. Well that is my thought process on the whole matter, so enjoy my natural journey with me! Thanks!
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