Please feel free to snag anything here. I have just started working on this site, so it is always being added to. I have tons to put on here from my computer, just will take time to put it all here. I am in over 80 tag groups and I request
tags for friends and MOTW. I collect all kinds of tags through my tag groups and sharing
groups.If anything is here that is not to be here, I got it from someone who said it was ok, so
it was not stolen or done anything wrong on purpose. Too many shares out there!
PLEASE DO NOT ask me to personalize or DO NOT request anything here as I DO NOT
know psp or anything about it, that is why I am in so many tag groups to request from the
talented ones that do and PLEASE everyone, DO NOT tear or destroy anyones tags, it is
not right as they work very hard to do tags to make others happy. ENJOY and Have Fun!!
That is what is important here.
Hugs and Blessings, Snag away and if you would leave a comment,
Thanx so very much and have a wonderful and safe day,
Stacey aka LadyJaguar
Also, if time permits, if there is a name you would like to see added here, leave me a message in the guestbook and /or email and I will do my best to get it here as I have so many resources to go to .