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Here's the link to my first video

I found this site thru NP and want to start documenting my hair journey. I was about 4 months in when I started taking pictures of my hair. The first 3 months I chopped off about 2 inches of hair, I knew I was ready to transition for real this time. February 2007 was the first time I initially wanted to go natural I went all the way into October 2007 and gave into what my friends said and relaxed my hair, I was highly disappointed and thats been my last relaxer since. Now I am a lil more than 6 months transitioning and am learning something new about my hair everyday. I want to transition for a about a year and then BC.

June 20,2008 Will always be a day I remember, I BC and fell in love with my natural glory, now I'll be trying different hairstyles and trying to figure out what my hair likes, so far I use aloe vera gel and greg juice to twist and seal with castor oil.

July 7, 2008 I've discovered Wash n Go's, they make life so easy. I cowash my VO5 conditioner everyday or everyother day. This past weekend was the first night I put twists in since I've been cowashing and my hair feels so healthy. Oh yes on my wng I used a lil aloe vera gel and jojoba oil, if I dont cowash the next day or usually most nights I've been using my Carol's Daughter hair milk, just a dab and it goes a long way. When I twist my hair I use my shea butter and castor oil (my staples)

I was in a hairshow on Nov. 30 I had flat twists up into a pony. Here's a link to more pics. @N00/show

Please check Journal for current regime as of August 26, 2009
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