**Erin**Aug/Sept Updates with New Color**
**Erin**Aug/Sept Updates with New Color**(stacierin) avatar
****This is my second attempt at growing my hair out naturally. I had a short bob when I first started out in 2000. I steadily cut the relaxer off my hair as it grew out, so I never went through the "big chop". I grew it naturally through 2005. I did not take very good care of it during this time because I really was not educated on how to care for my natural kinks, curls, & frizz. Therefore, I wound up with a few inches of quadruple split ends! Crazy right??? I had never seen split ends so bad! I got tired of dealing with it, trying to & trying not to detangle the naps. I would just give up. It was halfway down my back when wet at this point. So, I went for the relaxer once again & got rid of the bad ends. I didn't regret it at all for the first couple of months. I loved it. But, after those couple months passed, I really missed my natural hair. I liked that it was different and unique, and gave me a little more character. It's a lot of work but so was my relaxed hair!..... Currently I'm working on about 2 1/2 years of natural hair again. I still have not resorted to cutting off the last few inches of perm. That is why you'll see my hair usually tucked. So, I'm just here to share my second natural hair journey (healthy hair journey) with you, tips, etc. and hopefully gain some helpful knowledge from you guys also. Enjoy!!!
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Thursday, December 27, 2007
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