Jamaica 2013

Jamaica; where our "love of the country" cup runneth over!!

December 2012

Haven't been taking too many pics lately, but I'm going to try to add some now before the new year rolls around.

April 2011 ~Natural

So I have been taking a few pics all month of my hair and I am just now getting to uploading them. This month I gave myself my first real trim since my BC. Seems kinda fitting since this is also the month that I celebrate my 1 year BC anniversary. I've started doing more twist and curl type styles as well.

Nov 2010 All Natural

Twists and twistouts is what I am doing a lot of lately in order to reduce some of my single strand knots (ssk's). They really irritate me and I try to clip them while my hair is in the twists. I also am doing light dusting as needed. I'm so glad I am finally able to do a decent twist out!