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My latest avatar is a photo by Eugenio Recuenco. I consider it a vision of where I want my hair to be lengthwise. To see his online portfolio, visit

Many thanks to all you wonderful curlies who visit and leave your comments and questions. It means a lot and helps keep me going. So many of you provided much needed encouragement during my gray transition. Feel free to leave questions, or contact me on my blog (email is there). I often choose a juicy question, research it and post it on my blog.

So far I've kept all my multi-year albums open, but I may close previous years soon for better organization. If you haven't visited them, check them out soon. Also check out the My Journal section to read my seasonal routines and more.

Also if you are a member of Fotki, you can sign my Guestbook! I wish I had the time to respond to every comment, but please be sure I read each and every one. Often I'll stalk...um visit your album in return. Please enjoy your visit and keep coming back for new information and photos.

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