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american history x. niggers. old jaguars. nirvana. 80s. fuckin fashion. edward furlong. psychos. *xaxaxaxaxaxaxaxa*. i'm. detroit. photography. promenades with dogs. 'mom, it's raining!'. happy tree friends. dusk. charles manson. horror films. yeah, films. skinheads. requiem for a dream soundtrack. 'struggle and grunt for a fu.cking cunt! ;]'. boys. football matches. youtube. chris... coco and rosie. chord g. camps. england. pathology. theatre. green street hooligans.

i'm forever blowing bubbles,
pretty bubbles in the air,
they fly so high,
'till they reach the sky,
and like my dreams they fade and die.
UNITED! *clap* UNITED! *clap*...
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Monday, March 19, 2007
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