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*Offers cannot be combined. Once deals expire, services are regular price for all new & returning customers. Please send a message if you have additional questions about deals offered.*

CLASSIC WEAVES (HAIR OUT): Basic, Braidless, Sectional, Partial, Half, Individual Wefts, Microlinks, Keratin, Seamless, Tubes *$25 Deposit

*High School & College Students receive 15% off all WEAVE services, except retouches & removal. (must have current High School I.D.)

☆ Classic Weave (full / basic): $275
☆ Braidless Microlink Weave: $350 [$100 & Up Retouch]
* 3/4 weave: $250
* 1/2 weave (partial - ear to ear): $200
* Sectional 2, 3, or 4-Square weave (for additional versatility): $225
* mohawk weave: $175 w/ cornrows on sides
* mohawk weave: $165 w/o cornrows

*single & double row extensions:

$50 per single row extensions (2 minimum)
$65 per double row extensions
$50 per row braidless extentions (2 minimum)
$300 & up braidless weave
$400 & up braidless weave & microlinks combo

* $150 Full Sewn On Lace Wig or U-Part Wig

* Custom made units start at $200 & Up [$125 application with custom unit]. Not including hair.

For Hair Purchase Inquiries, please email about pricing.

**Add $50 for relaxer or texturizer perimeter retouch w/ weave service

**Add $60 for full head pre-relaxer w/ weave (loosens curls. edges processed straight only)**
[$90 - $120 without weave]

* Weave removal w/ Wash (no flatiron): $50 - $90
(Additional $30 - $100 for extremely matted & old weaves)

* Weave removal w/ Wash, Blowdry, Flatiron: $120
(free trim with weave removal special!) Get 10% discount with same day relaxer service. [$90 - $120]

***Pre-Services to WEAVE HAIR ONLY*** Can be done 3 days before appt or same day depending on request.

Pre-Color (1-2 color process): $60 per 2-4 oz minimum up to 20" (Add $5 per additional inch)

Pre-Color (3-4 color process): $90 per 2-4 oz minimum up to 20" (Add $5 per additional inch)

Pre-Highlights / Lowlights / Ombre / Sombre / Balayage (any color): $50 every 2 oz
*2 oz minimum

Pre-Perm or Relaxer & Color: $50 every 2 oz
*2 oz minimum

If you don't see a service you want, email me for a quote......

SugaMamas' Self Installs (Weaves, Wigs, Braids)

If you want something done right the first time, get it done by thee one and only :) Me. Single & Double row Extensions, Basic Weaves, Closure Weaves, Lace Wigs, Wigs, Braids, Natural Styles, etc... Enjoy!


You must be 8 yrs or older for all services. If you are under 18 yrs old, you must have your parents permission.

*children, pre-teen & adult small cornrows / braids cost the same: ** it's not about the age, it's the head size, volume and length of hair.***

$50 base fee + $30 hr individual braids - MEDIUM TO LARGE ONLY (avg time 6-9 hrs)

Starting @ $75 and up without extensions shoulder length or shorter
Starting @ $120 and up without extensions for extra long or thick hair
Starting @ $150 and up with extensions
Starting @ $20 and up additional charge for human hair


FAUX GODDESS LOCS: Individual $600 & up (not including hair)
FAUX LOCS (Pre-rolled with 1/4 braid): $400 & up
FAUX LOCS (Crotched): $250 & up
*Add $50 for additional faux loc security (string method)
*Add $30 for curly ends (hot water & perm rods)
*Add $50 for human hair curly ends
*Add $20 to cut & burn ends
*Add $50 over 22" length faux locs

*Faux locs maintenance: $30 base fee + $20 hr (add $50 for wash & condition treatment)

*med-lrg box braids (Jamaican): $350 & up

*crochet tree braids: $300 and up med cornrows, $350 and up small cornrows

*fusion & micro-links (50% Deposit Required):
$3000 (includes hair w/ custom color)
$800 - 1500 (w/o hair)
$100 (micro-link extension preparation only) $800 (1/2 application w/ hair)
$400 (1/2 application w/o hair)
$250 (weft micro-links w/o hair)
$60 per micro-link EXTENSION/WEAVE row
(the use of micro-links to attach wefts)
$3 per micro-link individual touch up or in combination with other services, such as weaves or half wigs (not including hair)

* If interested in purchasing hair... email me.
If you don't see a service you want, email me for a quote......

FULL CLASSIC WEAVES (Little to No Hair Exposed) *With A Closure* $30 Deposit May Be Required.

*High School receive 15% off all BASIC WEAVE services, except Retouches, Frontals & Closures. (must have current High School I.D.)

* Closure weave (no hair out): $300 & Up

* Full weave w/o closure (no hair out): $350 to $450

* Partial back lace wig with 1 - 4 extensions sewn on: $150 to $200 or $50/each

* Full weave w/ Micro-Braids or Crotchet Technique: $400 & Up

* Customized full weave combos: start @ $350 & Up

* Closure Only: $50 (Includes basic styling)

* Frontal Only: $65 (Includes basic styling)

***Pre-Services to WEAVE HAIR only***
Pre-Perm: $60 per 2oz min
Pre-Color: $50 per 2oz min
Pre-Bleach: $65 per 2oz min
Pre-Perm & Color: $100 per 2 oz min
Pre-Perm or Pre-Color per 12" Weft: $50 ea.

Full Weave Retouch: start at $40 - $125
Designed for 6 - 8 wk old weaves. Replenishes weaves for 4 - 6 more weeks!

*Weave retouch may include:
re-tightening, wash/condition, blow dry, hood dryer, press, flatiron, wet-set, thermal curl, track tightening, weft replacement, addition, cut, trim, closure tightening, replacement, dry wash

* Weave Removal: Starting at $40 - $120 (free trim with all weave removal service). Add $30 for Wash, $10 blowdry, $40 flatiron/Thermal styling

* $80 relaxer retouch after weave only (includes above services, except weave removal)

If you don't see a service you want, email me for a quote......

*COLOR *CHEMICAL *THERMAL HEAT **Relaxer, Color, Bleach, Perms, Thermal Heat & Blowdry Services** $20 - $50 Deposit Required.

Color Services:

*Highlights &/or Lowlights: $100 & Up

*Flambalayage Highlights - $200 & Up

*Balayage & Ombre Combo: $175 to $300

*Balayage Only (1-2 Color Process): $100 & Up

*Ombre Color (1-2 Color Process): $100 & Up

*Full 1-Color Process On Virgin Hair: $150 & Up

*Full 2-Color Process On Virgin Hair: $250 & Up

*1-Color Process Retouch: $100 & Up

*Full Virgin Bleach: $250 & Up
...............Retouch: $100 & Up

* Color Correction: $200 - $500 (2 Appts may be necessary)

*Double-Process Color: $200 - $400

*Triple-Process Color: $300 - $450

*Color Match Roots Retouch: $100 & Up

*Color Match Retouch (Grey Roots Coverage Only): $60 & Up

*Cellophane: $100 & Up

*Full Color Deposit On Non-Virgin Hair: $100 & Up ($0 per additional color

*Color Chunk or Bleach w/ Color Chunk (<25%): $50 & Up
Save 5% on total price if you'd rather provide the color!

Chemical Services (Sodium Hydroxide):

*relaxer virgin or full: $120 and up
*relaxer retouch: starting at $90 and up
**retouches with more than 2" of new growth: starting at $100 and up
*relaxer for leave-out only with weave: $45 and up
*relaxer to loosen curls under weave (with weave only): starting at $60+

*Wave Nouveau curly perm (thio): $200 ($80 deposit required for this service)

[Similar to a mild relaxer without removing full curl pattern/texture from strands]:
$90 Up to 4" hair lgth,
$120 for 5"- 8" hair lgth,
$150 for 9"-12" hair lgth,
$180 for 13" or longer hair lgth

Thermal Services [prices listed for shoulder length or shorter, avg. density/thickness]:
*** Prices differ for shorter, thinner, longer or extra thick hair. Text for prices***

* Wash (W), Blowdry (B), Press &/or Flatiron (PF), Curling Iron (C):
(WBPF) Starting at $100 & up with flatiron only
(WBPFC) Starting at $120 & up with specialty curl style
(WB) Starting at $50 & up with wash & blowdry style only (no flatiron/pressing comb)
(BPF) Starting at $90 & up with blowdry & thermal heat style only (no wash)
(PFC) Starting at $75 & up thermal or flatiron style only (no wash/blowdry)

(Prices differ depending on length of hair, volume/ thickness, condition, style, texture of hair)

* Deep Conditioning Hairomatherapy Treatments tarting at: $20 & up

* Weave Removal Only: $60 - $120 & up (free trim with weave removal & wash/blowdry special!). I have the right to not remove other stylists work, especially if extremely matted, extremely dirty, have an extremely damaged install, or anything I do not want to take responsibility under my license for, etc. (Extreme cases like that should be taken up with the stylist who installed weave/wig). You may be asked to sign a waiver & have a consultation before any services are rendered, agreeing with my professional advice about how to move forward with a solution. Additional services are not included in price.

***Additional Services***
Pre-Perm Weave Hair: $75 per 4oz min
Pre-Color Weave Hair: $50 per 4 oz min
Pre-Bleach Weave Hair: $65 per 4 oz min
Pre-Perm & Color Weave Hair: $125 per 4 oz min
Pre-Perm or Pre-Color per 12" Weft: $30 ea.

**LACE WIGS, LACE FRONTALS & WIGS** $35+ Deposit Required.

*Full Lace Wig application - GLUED (Includes lace cutting): $185 and up

*Full Lace Wig application - SEWN ON (Includes lace cutting): $200 and up

*lace wig removal WITH re-app (GLUED): $250 and up
*lace wig removal WITH re-app (SEWN): $220 and up

*lace wig re-application only (GLUED): $150
*lace wig re-application only (SEWN ON): $180
(lace wig MUST have lace perimeter already cut & fit to your hairline, be clear of any adhesive, washed & dry)

*lace frontal application only (SEWN OR GLUED): $250 and up

*wig application (removable): $50 to $100 & up- includes base prep: i.e., cornrows, pin curls, etc..., wig cut & style

*lace frontal w/ weave:
[sewn on] - $250 and up
[w/adhesive only (must bring own)] - $200 and up
[sew & adhesive combo (must bring own)] - $230 and up

*lace wig purchase assistance: $50 and up (email for details)

Custom Made Suiteheart Cap Weave! (Full, Closure or U-Part)
* $250 and up without hair - $600 and up with hair (Labor Only). 75% Down Required. Only takes 3-5 days to make! Pay on Monday, have new hair installed by Saturday! Chase QuickPay & PayPal Available for Deposits.
**Add $100 for application of your choice with same day purchase & Save $120+ on Regular Application Price!**

*Custom Sewn-On Wig With or Without U-Part*
Lasts about 2-3 months & a great protective style alternative to full weaves. Email for details.

***Pre-Services to WIG & WEAVE HAIR only***

Pre-Curly Perm: $60 per 2oz min
Pre-Color: $50 per 2oz min
Pre-Bleach: $65 per 2oz min
Pre-Perm & Color: $100 per 2oz min
Pre-Perm or Pre Color per 6" Weft: $30 ea.

For YOUR Hair....
Pre-Wash, Scalp & Basic Hair Conditioning Treatment: $45 and up
HAIRomatherapy Pre-Treatments $50 and up

*If you don't see a service you want, email me for a quote...... Prices depend on Texture of Hair, Length, Condition, Density, and Size of Head

ESSENCE MAGAZINE PHOTOSHOOT, Oct 2011: Special Hot Hair Issue

Some of the girls involved with an Essence Magazine photo shoot, where I was the: the hairstylist, makeup artist and the wardrobe stylist. You can see one of my clients in the Essence Special Hot Hair Issue, October 2011, representing Los Angeles in a fabulous way!


For Licensed Stylists & Cosmetology Students looking to increase their income, become a freelance hair stylist, setting up an in-home salon, want to take private lessons for [braiding techniques, weaves, extensions, lace wig applications, custom wig making, micro-links], need a State Board Tutor, Business Card & Web Design.

Email for password & details

SWEET TRIM (hair cuts, trims, frohawks...)

*hair cut: $50 - $75 (1/2" or more) ...$90 & Up with pre-wash & added basic blowdry
*hair trim: $20 - $35 (1/4" or less) ...$50 & Up with pre-wash & added basic blowdry
*women's basic clipper cut: $25
*weave cut (razor only): $25
*left or right shaved side of head: $20
*frohawk-mohawk: $50

If you don't see a service you want, email me for a quote......


I'm usually behind the scenes, when it comes to the camera but a good friend of mine asked a few of us to make a few poses for his school project.... so we did :)