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June 12, 2010

This a very outdated regimen which need to be updated. I will resume updating my fotki and will post my new regimen.

So now I've completely revamped my regimen. I no longer use most of those products mentioned on the page below but I will leave it up there because it's what I used to do.
I now use mostly my own products because I found out my allergic reactions were due to several chemicals in mainstream hair products.

My new regimen is pretty simple

Wash twice a week.

Deep condition once a week using Nadia Fortifying Hair Masque.

I usually either, rollerset, blow dry and flat-iron on a low setting, do a twist out, braid out or flexi-rod set. (Just depending on my mood). When I flat-iron, I use chi silk infusion on my hair. I'm currently switching between Nadia Moisture Mist leave -In conditioner and Nadia Green Grape leave-In ( I use this for rollersets)

I moisturize every other day using Seyani hair butter. Especially if I'm wearing my hair curly. It keeps my hair from becoming tangled.

When I'm wearing my hair curly, I usually seal my damp ends with either Eve avocado oil or Seyani hair butter.

I massage my scalp sometimes using Deshani scalp elixir (i'm not consistent with this cause I'm lazy. I'm transitioning and trying to optimize growth so I can get through this process faster)

I do a pre-poo treatment once a week using Jehan Pre-poo oil though I find that my hair doesn't need it. I'm now only going to do this when I'm going through a dry hair spell.

Now that I'm transitioning, I trim every 4 weeks to get rid of the relaxed ends.

I do a reconstructive treatment once a month and clarify once every 2 weeks.

I take a centrum multi-vit and eat a pretty balanced diet.

That's it ...pretty simple.
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