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long term plans -- marry the girl of my dreams once I find her, and graduate from a top 10 college with a Doctorate in CS so I can teach Ethics, AI, and HPC. Also, sometime, I'd like to build the first program to pass the Turing test, my one real goal. I think it might have already been done but I wanna do it right.

turing test -- you have to decipher between a chat bot and a person. If your chat bot fools all the people testing then it passes the test. Variations include mechanisms other than chat and percentages fooled other than 100.

method -- I like large scale AI. I like the cyberpunk representation thereof, and also I think it may be the best way to make something, which can compete with a human socially. Computers can beat us at any game except life. Well I guess I should include walking, but they're getting better at that. I'm kinda smart so I think it'll work out, and also I come from a pretty good family.

family -- The joke goes, "One day I was looking at jobs.google and they said, '(We have) A lunch table where you sit down and learn your tablemate is the world's leading authority on a problem you were only vaguely aware existed.' My response being, 'This is any different than a couple times Thanksgiving and a couple times Christmas?'" Seriously though, I have a lot of great people to look up to in my family; it bends credibility.

myself -- My notable is that after much test taking I got an IQ result higher than Bill Gates, Albert Einstein, and Steven Hawking. Don't ask me. I think the test is broken. Most tests have issue's with norming that high anyway. The basic plot is that it's darn near impossible to make a random test bank since to make a proper one you have to figure up the percentage of people that get a question right and wrong.

morality -- I'd say I'm about 95% lawful and 75% good. I'd rate myself higher on good, but once in a while, I do things for personal reasons. I seem a bit random/chaotic, but I do try to obey certain laws, no lying, no cheating, no stealing, no pain, and no breaking the law. The randomness's reason is that I'll try anything once as per the monkey, and also sometimes, it is hard to ascertain my motive for doing or saying something. If you can't figure it out, then, it's probably that way on purpose. Also, as per the monkey astral sign I know a bit about money, especially moving it around, but less about keeping it.

check myspace/tallemd and tallemd.net
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Monday, January 16, 2006
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