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I am a amateur photographer. I have a Cannon 7D with a 70-200 L
series (pro lens). I am a expert swimmer. I am a fireman, paramedic, scuba diver, I am a single father of 2 kids. I like football, baseball, basketball. I'm a big fan of the Greyhounds. If you see me out and want a pic posted here, holler and I will see if I can capture it. I've posted many pics on webshots, but they make it difficult to download. Here is the link.
All pics are posted for your enjoyment, If you like one, feel free to download it and display it on Facebook.r crop it holler) .You may change it,add to it, crop it, and post it anywhere you want. (As long as you are a friend of mine on Facebook.com). Over the pic you are viewing you will see a link that says "see the origional photo. the ' No pics here are for sale by me or anyone else) If you see a pic posted that you want removed, just holler and it will be done with no questions asked. The pics are here for your viewing or downloading and personal use only. Take them (or send it via e-mail)(the origional), to walmart and blow them up into a poster size pic if you want. (about 20 bucks) pick up a 10 dollar poster frame.( you'll crap if you see some pics blowed up like that). Or order from this website, the prices are reasonable, and I dont get a kickback...Sometimes I put my name on the bottom so in 20 years i'll remember where it came from if i run across it on the internet. Enjoy the pics and as allways (KICK SOME BUTT HOUNDS) Um I mean Go Greyhounds !!!!!! (does anyone even read this crap ? Holler, tedro... any requests
It is a hobby so far. Its starting to get expensieve, but it also is starting to be more fun because the pics come out much clearer.
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Tuesday, March 17, 2009
smithers wv
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