HSV Botanical Garden 2nd walk 2004

flowers and scenes in Huntsville Botanical Garden shot with Nikon D-70 and 70-300G lens under mainly cloudy skies.

Jenny & Nate Wedding

Photos from Sis. Cliff (not touched up yet).

Cedar Point

Spent at weekend at Cedar Point amusement park in Ohio with Nate, Scott Hinote, and Meghan Meredith.

Mardi Gras 2012

This was my first trip to Mardi Gras since marching in the Rex Parade in 1970. I should never have waited so long!

Shots from Sunday, 19 Feb 2012

From 11:30 a.m. through about 6:00 p.m.

Olympus XZ-1 Shots from Vance

These shots are straight from the XZ-1, resized only. About fifteen were culled for poor exposure (blown out or excessive blooming). The camera did a creditable job in harsh lighting. There is a certain amount of lens flare, but less purple fringing than I would have expected.

GH-1 Shots

The first half of these shots were made with the Panasonic 14 mm prime lens, and the last half (starting right after we ate) were made with the 14-140 zoom. The prime was far superior and the better choice for these dark woods. There were few times when more zoom was required anyway.

Most of the shots are aperture priority with -1 or more EV compensation. All of the shots shown here were processed from raw images.

Gulf Shores Nov. 2011

We took a spur-of-the-moment trip to the Gulf and here's what we saw...


A few group shots were posed- see them here.

Space Center

Staff of the Space & Rocket Center were on hand to conduct tours of the park and the Davidson Center.

Dinner & Dancing

Dinner was wonderful, and so was the music.


We moved indoors for the reception, followed by dinner and dancing.


The ceremony took place under the space shuttle. This album includes people arriving as well as the ceremony itself.

2011 Team Portraits

These are very large files so the pages ma turn slowly on your computer- just be patient.

You may order prints directly from this website or contact me at rltopp@yahoo.com

Thanks for looking, and I hope to see you again next year- Bob Topp

Open House- Larry and Kurt

Get-together at Larry's on a cold day in February.

Hike with Vance and Jeremy

Good Friday- started the day at 5:15 a.m., hitting the road at 6:00. We met Vance at Walmart in Sparta, then carpooled to Virgin Falls trailhead, about 15 miles out of Sparta. We hit the trail at about 9:40 a.m. while the temperature was in the 60s, but by the time we finished, it was near 80. It took us right at 3 hours to reach Virgin Falls, and we had a nice long lunch break there, including a short nap. The way back was grueling, as usual, a lot of uphill, rocky climbing, and it took a bit of a toll on us. We stopped for a fairly long rest at Big Laurel Falls on the return, but it was barely enough to revive us, as the steepest climb is from there, out. We got back to the car around 5:30, thoroughly worn out, but with a camera full of good stuff. It had been bright and sunny all day, and the trees had not yet begun to leaf out, so we had clear views in every direction. Apparently it had not rained up there for a couple of weeks because the path was nice and dry, but there was more than enough water in the creeks to make all the falls impressive. Stopping at Big Laurel and at Virgin Falls felt like moving into an air-conditioned room, the spray cooled the surrounding air so much.

Savage Gulf N. Rim and North Plateau Hike

Tennessee Trails Association, Upper Cumberland Chapter, led this hike through the snowy woods above Savage Gulf. I took my Garmin GPS receiver on this trip and logged most of the track. Locations and descriptions are provided on most of the pictures in this album. Comments are welcome.