Max & Dylan

The development of the Pure Spanish Horse, or Andalusian, was not a whim of nature, but the culmination of a project devised by and for a king. The Spanish Horse is one of the noblest animals in existence. This was not by chance but because nobility was always kept in mind in the selection and breeding. This search for nobility was passed down, and has become an identifying characteristic of the Andalusian.

animal life

Just animals...some are mine and some are not !!!! enjoy !!!!

Pumba and Eddie

Pumba a wild boar adopted from Abaco and Eddie from Long Island, Bahamas

A R T in N A T U R E

Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Flowers and Plants

Here some shots of flowers and plants in Bahamas....

Bahamian Sea.........

This shows the beauty of the sea here in the Bahamas....such shallow beautiful...............:--))

Sacred Space in Nassau

...about Sacred Space..Sacred Space is much more than simply viewing a show of metal and wood; the viewer is invited to feel the roughness of the organic sculpture, play the bells hanging above and perhaps more importantly, answer the call being made to uncover other Sacred Spaces...

Twelve trees have been transformed into elegant and haunting figures that overlook the majestic cliffs which rise some 40 feet out of the deep blue ocean, and bells hang above inviting the viewer to ring them...and the wonderful possibilities that excists in the most unexpected places...

This site is also of historical significance to Bahamians as these cliffs, bordering a former sugar plantation, were the landing site for some of the first African slaves to be brought here. These elegant carvings bend towards the ocean and to Africa. Their eyes delineate the space and the metal bells in the trees, carry their voices back to Africa.

Meet MAGGIE Plus Jake, Cici, Charlie

Maggie my new Mastiff, born on Aug 22nd 10
from Rockport Mastiff in Canada