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I finally decided to take excellent care of my hair. In the past I have had relaxers, color and at one point even a texturizer. I have been "natural" twice in my life (go to the albums to see pics and some info). As of June 2013 I am using a thermal straightener. My ultimate goal is long, healthy hair with heavy emphasis on the healthy hair part. There are a ton of relaxed, natural and texlaxed ladies that have beautiful hair and for me, being natural worked for me for many years, while relaxers and texlaxing did not - mainly because I did not know very much about caring for my hair (though when I texlaxed, I knew A LOT more than I had ever when I had a relaxer in the past). I decided it was time for a change though. Every individual has the right to do with their hair what they please so do not think I am a hair nazi of any sort. I love all types of hair!

If you are in the following areas, please let me know where you purchase hair/skin/body products - especially black castor oil, essential oils, giovanni products, elucence, raw shea and cocoa butter, alma products, Indian and African products: Las Vegas, Hawaii, Atlanta (and surrounding areas), Orange County or Florida. Thanks :o)

One hair problemo I would love suggestions on is how to get my crown (edges/bangs) to grow. They have broken off from all the tight pony tails, drying my hair with a towel and sleeping with my head unprotected (yeah I know... HORRRRIBLE) off and on.I have since stopped most of these bad habits except the pony tails LOL but I do wear looser pony tails now. So if you have suggestions, please send me a message! Thanks!

I am very interested in natural products and remedies. If you have natural skin, hair, health, wellness, body, etc. products, techniques, etc. that you'd like to share - feel free to let me know! Also RAW, Vegan and/or vegetarian recipes, books, information and websites.

You can find my hair background & regimen in my journals section. You can also check my hair journal website which is rarely updated unfortunately

~~~~ There are more links in MY LINKS section ~~~~

~~~~ Goal ~~~~
Thick, healthy, shiny, HWL (High Waist Length) hair

The first time I was natural I just chopped all my ends off and didn't even know there was a method called "transitioning" that women did. I just wanted to see what my real hair was like without chemicals in it.

This time around I transitioned for about 2 years, trimming every couple of months so I could keep my length until all of the texturized ends were gone. I was natural for a little over 4 years this time around.

If I learned one thing that really works; it is that keeping a good protein/moisture balance is THE KEY to strong and healthy hair!!

~~~~ Supplements (for hair, nails, skin and overall health) ~~~~
Women's Daily (1)
Biotin 1,000mcg (1-2)
MSM 1,000mg (1-2)
Fish Oil 1,000mg (1-2)
B-Complex (1)

~~~~ Things I would like to try ~~~~
Molasses Carmel Treatment

Roller setting (Thanks Jeannie-L)

Chopstick Bun

Baggie Bun
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