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I'm an American living in Denmark. The water here is very hard, and I do not have constant access to products made for natural Afro hair- so I have learned to live with the bare minimum.

I have natural, mostly 4a hair. But I think this typing system is a bit misleading, because my hair reacts differently in different climates and with different types of water. My hair can act 4bish or 3cish- so It's better to describe my hair as very soft, cottony, with fine to medium strands, with S/5-wave/curls. It frizzes easily and does not like to hold it's wave pattern, or stay straight.

My regimen (on a natural hair day) is:

Wash: Matas Anti-Klor (a Danish swim shampoo which clarifies)
Condition: A small amount of shea butter and/or African Royale Hot Six Oils applied first, then Pantene R&N, or Shwarzkoph Gliss
Weekly treatment: Homemade Caramel Treatment (see journal)Styling: See my experiments album (see journal for recipes)
Tools: Denman brush, wide tooth ionic comb, hair clips for sectioning, and fingers

Although I do love trying new products, I am definitely NOT a product junkie. I experiment mostly to find things that work, and then I stick to them until they don't or I hear there may be something better.

I attribute my length to:

-always being gentle with my hair
- detangling while soaking wet, with lots of conditioner and under running water
-rewetting my hair when it dries out
-clarifying to remove buildup and reduce breakage
-not cutting until I'm ready for a style (only trimming once a year or two years . . . or whenever)
-eating a balanced diet, taking care of my body, yoga, dancing, and lots of walking
-being realistic about my texture and working with it
-loving my hair and really believing that black women can have long, healthy natural hair

My hair does not grow fast. Only about 6 inches a year.

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Sunday, November 16, 2003
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