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I have been a member of fotki for over 2 years now and I have been sharing my photos for over 2 years now. My fotki albums and pictures focus on natural hair care, health and beauty...... with a touch a fashion too (lol). I thank all of the lovely ladies who have been so supportive and have shown nothing but love and positivity to me. All of your kindness is greatly appreciated. And you ALL are on point with your hair styles and hair care. Keep up the great work!

Peace, Love, Light and Afrofantasticness!

"If you fail to see the positives in someone it's because you fail to see them within yourself first (i.e. goodness, beauty, love)"

"All it takes is one lit candle to light a whole room full of candles"

Let your light shine

When I first joined this web-site, I was on a mission to grow my hair to waist length by wearing it natural. During my journey I was unaware of the impact that natural hair would have on me. I was unaware of the new perception that I would gain of myself and in life. I have come to the realization that the norm and standard for me is to wear my hair natural. I am free to be me and it brings me much joy when I can be myself and love myself the way G-d created me. It takes me to an inner paradise and peace that straight hair could never do. And who would have thought that this hair issue was so deep, but unfortunately it is.

I have been natural for 7 years now, but for the past year I have consistently been wearing my hair natural. At the beginning of my natural journey, I first started wearing my hair in a pony/puff, but I was still in between straight and natural styles. I still had my hair enslaved to ponytail holders, scrunchies, bobby pins, pressing combs and flat irons. Little did I know about the damage that was being done to my hair from all of that. I was literally taking my hair out by the handfuls. My mother warned me about my thinning hair but I figured she didn't know what she was talking about. My hair had become so thin and straight until I forgot what my natural texture was like. I forgot how thick and full my hair naturally is. All that mattered was that my hair was "silky", "shiny", "flowing", and "straight" which is the exact opposite of my natural texture. Even though I was natural, I was still influenced to wear my hair straight or if I wore it natural, it had to be pulled back in some type of ponytail. Now I wear my hair out and free with little to no product and I just love it.

I am so proud to see that there are so many beautiful ladies that accept and wear their hair natural and are proud of it no matter what their hair type is. It makes me feel like we as a people are waking up and moving forward by breaking those psychological chains that have kept us in the dark for so long. I by no means want to offend any one who chooses to wear straight hair. After all, the beauty of our hair is it's versatility and I do straighten my hair every once in a while. There are also so many women who have beautiful, healthy relaxed hair and that is just fine. We have to do what makes us happy. I just feel strongly about my decision to wear my hair natural and I wanted to share my feelings with you.

I thank everyone for all the the support and love and for sharing their stories.
I pray that you all are showered with all of the good life has to offer.
Keep striving for excellence in all aspects of your life

Peace and Blessings be onto you

Peace and blessings to all. I am on a journey to learn how to take better care of my hair and to grow my hair to waist length. I am very happy with my length now and I am so grateful that I have hair on my my head. But as a personal goal, I would like to achieve growing my hair to waist length. In 2000 I made the transition from relaxed hair to natural hair. It took my hair about a full year to completely grow out my relaxer. I decided to make the transition because my hair became very damaged and it was breaking off severely. As of now I don't have any chemicals in my hair. I do have a few highlights in the front part of my hair. My hair is very fragile and dry by nature so it's very important that I handle my hair delicately. Preservation of the ends is extremely important in aiding to the length of my hair. So I am a firm believer in the no heat rule. The more I minimize my heat usage, the better it is for my hair. This is one reason why I wear my hair natural most of the time.

Please feel free to check out my albums and leave comments if you'd like. I am open to questions and suggestions.

Thank You
Peace be onto you


My regimen is not perfected yet, I'm still in the process of finding new methods and products to use to help my hair. But for now I will share the regimen I have so far.

My Regimen

I wash and condition my hair 1x week with any cheapo shampoo. Currently I am using (V05 Moisture Milks Shampoo). Then I deep condition my hair with (Lustrasilk Aloe Vera Cholesterol).

Method: After I wash my hair, I part it down the middle then I apply the conditioner liberally to both sides. I let the conditioner sit for 20 mins, then I comb and detangle each section. I leave the conditioner in my hair, I do not rinse it out. After this I either put my hair in a ponytail or I braid it.

Daily: Baggie Method
I moisturize my ends and do the baggie method every day and night. I use (Olive Oil Moisturizing Hair Lotion) for moisture and (Castor Oil Hair and Scalp Conditioner Grease) for the sealant. Then I apply the plastic bag or plastic wrap.

Every 2 Weeks: I do a hot oil treatment before I wash my hair every 2 weeks. I use (V05 Hot Oil tubes). I just follow the directions on the

Once a month: I clarify my hair 1x month using (Ion Clarifying Shampoo)

Every 6 weeks: I do an aphogee treatment every 6 to 8 weeks for protein. ( I just started this and so far I like it and I plan to keep it up!)

Products I use on my natural hair:

Ponytail/bun: I use (Prostyle styling gel, and L'oreal Crystal Wax) to slick down my hair. I also use (Olive Oil Wrap/Set Mouse, S-Curl No Drip, and Elasta QP Feels Like Silk) to add moisture and define the curls.

Braidout: I use (Olive Oil Wrap/Set Mouse, and IC Styling Gel) to braid my hair after I wash it when it's still wet. Then I roll my ends with perm rods. To maintain my braidout during the week I rebraid my hair nightly using (Lotta Body Setting Lotion). Then I roll my ends with perm rods. To roll my ends and make sure they are moisturized I use the same products as I use for my baggie method. Then I apply plastic wrap around the perm rods.

Any questions about my regimen please feel free to ask.
Peace and Blessings to all!

Quick Tips for growing Long Hair
By Virtuousjewel

1.Wash your hair at least once a week.
2.Deep condition your hair for at least 30 min. every week.
3.Wear protective styles 90% of the time.
4.Do not manipulate your hair too often.
5.Contrary to popular belief, don’t cut your hair.
6.Hot oil your hair.
7.Drink 8 to 10 glasses of water a day.
8.Take a daily multi-vitamin.
9.Exercise daily.
10.Do not comb or brush your hair.
11.Moisturize you ends daily.
12.Do periodic protein treatments.
13.Eat plenty of fresh vegetables and fruit.
14.Cover your hair at night with a satin scarf or sleep on a satin pillow case.
15.Massage your scalp daily.
16.Keep your nails trimmed to prevent them from snagging on your hair.
17.Limit heat usage.
18.Think positive.
Personal Thoughts

Negativity begets negativity. Everything in this universe operates on the law of the circle (O), therefore, what you put out into the universe comes back to you in some form or another. Ninety percent of our actions are controlled by our unconscious mind. Failing to see the good in others and the good in life is not only a reflection of what you fail to see within yourself on a conscious level, it is most importantly a reflection of what you fail to see within yourself unconsciously. Understanding human nature which is the nature of peace, love and happiness, like a new born baby, raises your level of consciousness and the understanding of yourself which in turn allows you to bring a better attitude to life. A positive attitude brings about positivity for all!

Peace, Love, and Afrofantasticness! lol

Sleep is the twin brother to death. When you are physically asleep you cannot see and you cannot hear. When you are consciously asleep (unconscious) you cannot see and you cannot hear. There are different levels of sleep, consciousness, and unconsciousness. But in order to see clearly you MUST wake up!

Don't let the ways of this fleeting world rob you of your natural born humanity to the point that you loose compassion for your brothers and sisters and most importantly yourself!

Live each day as if you are going to live forever and live each day as if you are going to die tomorrow!

(Personal Thoughts)

When things don't work out, it's always for a good reason. Our experiences serve as life learning lessons and sometimes it hurts to grow. But what doesn't break you makes you stronger and wiser. Our hearts and our souls are resilient which means we have the ability to bounce back from any type of experience and be better then before. When an experience serves as an eye opener to a bigger reality, the reward to the soul is much greater then any material gain in the world and that's where true success lies, in the elevation of the soul individually and collectively to it's Source!

The greatest battle is the battle that lies within. A closed mind has no room for expansion but an open mind holds the key to unlock the secrets that lie within and beyond....Open your mind, take control over yourself, morally discipline yourself, love yourself, free yourself...Kings and Queens!

"Run and tell all your friends an ancient civilization has been born again. It's a fact." KRS ONE

A righteous man is a King!

Keep your intentions good, stay in a state of gratitude and purify your heart with love and sincerity!

Inner peace is paradise....attain it and keep it!

Men.....Envision it and build Sky Scrapers..........(our manna and quail)!

"The people who are trying to make this world a worse place are not taking a day off so neither should we.........Light up the darkness"~~I Am Legend

Traditional the way G-d intended!

The Sun is Shinning!

Insecurities only hold you back from the good life........stop worrying and let them go (they are not real, they are just a facade/ distraction)!

Turkey Bacon sandwiches are so delicious and super nutritious. Turkey Bacon is healthier than beef, pork or any other type of bacon meat on the market!

"You are responsible for yourself. You are responsible for your individual life. You are responsible for your personal behavior. You are responsible for the condition of your life, in your personal life, in your family life, in your home life. You are responsible for the conditions in your community life. Every individual is accountable. Every individual has been given authority, rightful authority." WDM

You raise the woman you Raise a Nation.

The people that would rather see your life's experiences break you down leaving you miserable (misery loves company) rather then see you strong, happy and moving on are people that you need to leave alone. Only keep positive people in your life!

"Let G-d deal with the things they do because hate in your heart will consume you too"

Paradise of the soul (community) can be found when you want for your brothers and sisters what you want for yourself.

Always listen to your intuition, that feeling, the little voice in your head because believe it or not "it" has all the answers and "it" is there to guide you. Its your own personal built in your soul navigational system for life. Its the Divine You; the essence of your human nature.

" Women are called Co-Creators with God. So women should understand before conception, God's Intentions & what He had in mind for them to be the highest ideal of Co-Creator. Women who align themselves with the Spirit & Mind of God. Produce the men & women. Who are destined to create the univer......sal change the world is looking for. And they become the foundaton of the Kingdom of God on Earth.

The world cant have real value & value cant come from our children. Until women value themselves. Women are the 1st teachers & the condition & worth of society is based upon the perception women have of themselves. When women conduct themselves with intelligence, they force the respect of men. Because thats instilled i...n the homefront. So women hold the most powerful position, if they would only assert their power.

Women are the heart & soul of any nation. And when women are forbidden to act in accord with their God given nature. That nation loses the benefit of what makes a society healthy & balanced. Women have the capacity to nurse a nation into health & strength. With the awesome power of love they naturally possess. When natural abilities are underappreciated, that nation suffers a slow, painful & untimely death."~~~Darryl Muhammad

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