Vonnique04 *BIG CHOPPED 11/10/10**
Vonnique04 *BIG CHOPPED 11/10/10**(vonnique04) avatar

Thanks to everyone who has encouraged me along the way and good luck to everyone on their hair journey!! I love taking care of my hair now, it now comes without effort, im still amazed ever time I relax.. I have a simple moto. "Believe in it and you will achieve it" Feel free to ask any questions/leave comments :-)

My sites:
Facebook page:Vonnique Black hair care (email: )
Facebook Grow with me challenge fan page: Add me on facebook page above and click on info and add yourself to the group:-)
11/10/10: I did it yall! I bc'd I am officially all natural and I love it!!! Check out my Transition to natural hair album for pictures:-)

9/8/2010:If you follow me on youtube you know that I am transitioning to natural. My last relaxer was June 23,2010. I feel the need te experience my natural hair! Im exicited! I'm looking forward to sharing my progress with you guys!!

3/18/2010: Whew its been awhile. Please see my youtube channel for most recent info on my hair. I am in the processof updating this page:-). Even so much of my regimen is the same. I aiming for APL by 08/2010. I have started a grow with me challenge Feb 2010 which ends Aug 2010! There is also a video on this on yt. Check out my blog and yt for tips etc...

10/15/2009: I am regaining my "v" shape.. and I am a couple inches away from apl again:-). 1 year update since bb cut will be in FEB 2010. STAY TUNED!

5/28/2009: I finally have a blog! Check it out :

04/25/2009: Decided Im going to let my hair grow out. for the remainder to 2009.

02/11/2009: Yes, I cut my hair! I have the swag now why not have some fun!?! I am rocking a Bob! See album for more photos. Ill keep u guys posted on my Yr:-))B Safe and Stay blessed!

I embarked on a healthy longer hair journey September 2006 and so far so good!!( got alot of Knowledge/help and support from my ladies of BHM check it out!

I AM A RELAXED HEAD! not sure what texture.
relaxer: MOTIONS oil mositurizer ( not sure if its lye or no lye but this is what it looks like )
I try to update every 2 months (every 8 weeks) because this is ususally how often I relax my hair

Trimming: Vonni: I trim as needed usually every 4 months or so. But I only recommend trimming if you really really need it (split ends etc) otherwise It is not necessary to grow your hair. When I first started I didnt trim until 6 months into my journey!
MY REGIMEN [Updated Aug 2 2009]
-Wash once a week
-Wash with Crème n Nature shampoo(Blue bottle)
-Condition with Crème n Nature conditioner(purple bottle) mixed with At One Botanicle Reconstructor conditioner (let sit for 5 mins then rinse out)
-I deep condition once a week after one of my washes with Organics root stimulator olive oil replenishing conditioner(yellow pak) ,and sit under a hooded dryer with shower cap over my head for 15 mins or just -walk around for 45 if you want to avoid heat
-Rinse out deep conditoner thoroughly
-I add leave conditioner (it’s an At one Botanicle brand) and detangle my hair in four sections, with a wide tooth comb.
- I add my moisturizer ( softsheen Carson finishing mist-green bottle or scurl-blue/white bottle, i rotate between the two)
-Add Oil (Kemi Oyl)
-Add Serum for sleekness and shine(Ganie Sleek and shine)
-Air dry in a pony tail with roller on the end
-Cover with satin scarf and let air dry over night
-Wear pinned up or bunned until next wash
-Moisturize and oil twice a day( once in morning and once before bed at night)

[Protein treatment] ::I have decided to lay off of protein for awhile. If I feel my hair needs it I will Use the Aphogee two minute reconstructor.

-The baggie method:
( this is a good example of the baggie method) the only difference is the products and how much scurl is used. I don;t soak my hair wet.. but you get the idea)
-I always use heat protectant ( I use nexuss brand) if blow drying hair


When I get a sew in and when I Spray S-cur on braids every three days or so
-I Spray Scurl on braids the day before I take them out to make it easier to comb out
[ Check out my blog for more details ]


-I made this mistake "twice" and it set me back 4 months!! But the important thing is that I learned from my mistake and I would rather u not have to experience what I did :-/..

**Many people have asked me how i gained my thickness.. and its simple.. I just stuck to my regimen... the most important part I believe is..

**Avoiding Heat.. If you must use heat always use a heat protectant and make sure to deep conditioner your hair frequently ( once a week)

****I don’t take any vitamins that enhance hair growth.. I just try to keep it simple

-I have tried henna. My camera was acting up so I do not have step by step photos but I have a couple of after shots. I was dissapointed that I did not get any color but I will say that my hair is alot stronger only after 1 application so I will deffinately do it again.
( heck it out for more info)

-For those that ask what I do to stay in shape. Nothing complicated. I usually do some type of cardio ( I have a gazelle) for about 45 mins a day ( 3 times a week). I do not eat Fast food, and I drink plenty of water. I think those are just a start...I believe watching calorie intake and exercise is key. I am really not an expert.Good luck to those who are seeking healthier bodies as well as hair!
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