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It is not a secret that photoshop takes a sufficient place in post production even if this is just a picture for a family album.This account is a place where you can develop your creativity and knowledge. This is a place where those who are willing to share can post a tutorial or simple tricks&tips or just ask a question. There is no "the teacher" here, instead - this is a photoshop club where everyone can find something interesting and useful and maybe share something interesting in return.

You can create an album and post a tutorial or mini-lesson. You can discuss things on forum. You can upload your images to the Gallery to show others your work.
You do not need to be a professional. If you are a beginner in photoshop - you are Welcome! This is a place where you can take a good start in your digital adventure.

How it works? It is easy.
Once you decided to "join the club" - drop a note in the Guest Book and you will be added to the friends list and then account permissions will be set to allow you to create albums.
And then you can start post pictures and questions!

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