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All travel photos are missing (Jul 30,2014). Thanks, FOTKI !
Most are on SMUGMUG fortunately.

Some files still missing- Feb 2014 - it will soon be two years since this problem started- try my SMUG location (waynelr.smugmug.com)

Files have begun to appear on June 5,2013. TOO late, I'm invested in SMUGMUG now. My Fotki stuff will remain static.

Fall 2013 travels on SMUG

Warning - more than 30% of my files were not appearing on Fotki the last eighteen months. First response said the problems (an upgrade is in progress) may be fixed by today sometime (1/6/2013). A blog response was promised, but is very vague. Seems very typical for Fotki operations these days. 2/9/2014 - some files are still missing!

Note that Fotki no longer offers unlimited storage for Premium users. In fact I could not add any photos for two months. This meant a wholesale change to my online presence. I now use SMUGMUG as my sharing site. Look for me there. What's here will remain since since my account is paid thru 2022. Fotki originals deleted since an additional new charge is incurred for storage. They are finally gone after 7 weeks so I can add/display files again. The Banff pics now exist both places. Do not print from Fotki, since originals are gone and resolution will be low and some are missing.

No new pics are being added to Fotki !

I'm a retired systems programmer who loves photography and barbershop music since they can both be recorded on my computers. My family including the 5 grandchildren are a big part of my life and I guess the family photos will tell you that. We like to travel a little now and my pictures represent our yearly excursions around Minnesota and the USA with my Pentax K5, K7, or Pentax W60.

There are also scans from old family albums and old slides starting in 1957. This is both a family geneology record and a travelogue (over 23,000 photos in total). Use the tag menu to find your areas of interest or try 'Our fotki map'. This will be my 12th year as a Fotki subscriber. Look for me on SMUGMUG in the future . I expect Fotki to fade away before long.

This site averages >250 visitors per day and about >1700 photo hits. SMUG usage has now surpassed that number.

See http://waynelr.smugmug.com/
Try my BLOG as well;
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